Built-in software for your business.

Built-in software for your business.

More management. Less work.

A connected business is now just a click away

Nissan now offer built-in telematics for both commercial vehicles and passenger cars.* Easy access to near real-time and historical vehicle data lets you manage your fleet more effectively.

Information such as location, vehicle health and driver performance gives you a better understanding of current performance and helps keep everyone productive, safe and fully utilised.

Telematics hardware comes built-in to selected models. On selected models it even comes preinstalled - no hardware costs or installation headaches. Full warranty backed by Nissan.

*Other makes, models and connected equipment can also be included on the same mobile resource management application providing you with a single, integrated solution.

Better decisions

Near real-time alerts and 24/7 vehicle monitoring to help you make informed decisions. Custom rules mean you can effectively manage what’s important to your business.

Improved uptime

Use diagnostics to implement proactive maintenance - help predict failures before they happen. Act sooner to avoid costly breakdowns and reduce maintenance downtime.

EV? Easy.

Get information specific to the performance of any EVs (Electrical Vehicles) in your fleet including charging history, battery levels and consumption.

Driver performance

Review driver performance to spot trends, customise training and see progress against industry benchmarks or internal safety KPIs.

Mobile and desktop solutions available

NissanConnect Fleet Express

NissanConnect Fleet Express

(Mobile App)

  • Map view provides near real-time location & status of vehicles
  • Track improvements in safety, efficiency and vehicle health
  • Receive critical safety or maintenance alerts
  • Coordinate your mobile workforce effectively
  • Insights highlight opportunities & potential hazards
NissanConnect Fleet Management

NissanConnect Fleet Management

(Desktop and Mobile App)

  • Get access to the mobile app (works on both Apple and Android) and a back office management solution
  • Full customisation of map to setup drivers, vehicles, depots and customer sites
  • Hundreds of flexible reporting options, including automated scheduling
  • Near real-time monitoring across entire fleet
  • Customised dashboards to track performance trends & current activity
  • Configurable alerts for key events such as driver safety or vehicle movement
  • Scalable solution that grows with your business
  • Flexible platform that can integrate with your existing software
  • Large range of add-ons for a full end-to-end solution (see below)

Fleet software that drives your bottom line

Our fleet software can help you uncover hidden costs while revealing potential for greater productivity and efficiency. In fact, many fleets can experience a positive ROI. From planning through implementation, integration and training, we’re dedicated to your results, your ROI and your bottom line.

Smart dashboards and reporting tools

You can’t manage what you’re not measuring. Use our smart dashboards and fleet management reporting tools to analyze trends, and compare against industry benchmarks. What’s giving you a good return, and what isn’t? You’ll soon know where you can save, and operate a more efficient fleet.

Looking for more?

Verizon Connect Mobile

Verizon Connect Mobile

Manage the day to day operations of your mobile resources with the Verizon Connect suite of mobile apps.

Fleet GPS apps

Verizon Connect Route

Verizon Connect Route

Create optimised routes for your drivers that match specific business needs.

Route optimisation software

Verizon Connect Logbook

Verizon Connect Logbook

Help drivers make easy work of logging mileage, sorting personal trips from business-related. Full reporting included.

Driver management solutions

Verizon Connect Coach

Verizon Connect Coach

Gamified driver scoring, team leaderboards and proactive coaching helps encourage safe driving.

Driver coaching app


Speeding vs posted limit*

Report on speeding incidents to help improve driver safety, reduce uneconomical driving and reduce fines.

Hard braking / acceleration

Monitor unsafe driving behavior to help reduce uneconomical driving or costly asset damage.

Seat belt usage

Integrates with the vehicle’s seat belt monitoring system to highlight potential unsafe habits.

G-force monitoring

Detects significant lateral movement to help you understand how your vehicles are being driven.

Anti-lock brake

Triggers an alert when the vehicle’s Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is engaged.

Vehicle location

GPS-verified location accuracy to within metres of the vehicle’s current location.

Geofences (virtual boundaries)

Create areas on the map that you want to monitor. Get alerts or view reports showing arrivals and departures.

Trip distance

Mileage reports for individual vehicles or the whole fleet, using GPS location reporting.

Time on site

Using arrival and departure times for individual vehicles, the time on site metric can be useful for customer billing.

Vehicle alerts

Get alerts for a range of situations that need a fast response and have them sent to the right person.


The vehicle’s total mileage data can be used to schedule routine maintenance including dealer servicing.

Diagnostic trouble codes

Report on a wide range of OEM-exclusive DTCs to monitor the vehicle’s health and troubleshoot issues.

Tyre pressure

Monitor tyre pressure to detect incorrect pressure that can impact on the vehicle’s economy or handling.

Fuel consumption

Report on fuel used by the vehicle to help identify irregularities and uncover theft or uneconomical driving.

Idle time

Monitor wasteful vehicle idling to identify opportunities to reduce the fleet’s fuel costs.

Battery charge

Identify issues with the vehicle’s battery or electrical system to help avoid a dead-battery breakdown.

Remaining driving range

See the Electric Vehicle’s (EVs) current driving range capacity to determine the best vehicle to dispatch.

Electricity consumption per trip

Report on an Electrical Vehicle’s (EVs) efficiency for each trip to highlight costs or maintenance issues.

Electricity consumption in idle

Understand how idling impacts on an Electrical Vehicle’s (EVs) battery level and driving range.

History of recharge

Review where and when an Electrical Vehicle (EV) is being recharged to identify patterns and potential issues.