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Why 76% of businesses in the UK consider GPS fleet tracking “very” or “extremely useful”?

By Verizon Connect Team January 9, 2023

Fleet managers, executives and other mobile-business professionals face important daily operational challenges that make it difficult to keep their businesses competitive, sustainable and efficient. There are, however, technologies that can help. 

In the Fleet Technology Trends Report 2023 conducted for Verizon Connect by ABI Research, it was highlighted that many of the 1,300 professionals we surveyed found great value in the investment of fleet tracking technology. 

The survey also showed that the number of fleets using GPS tracking technology stood at 71% in 2022,  which is a 3% increase on the previous year. This shows that it’s an established and growing solution for businesses in the UK and Europe and can help to deliver results and build resilience for a number of different industries. 

Let’s talk about  the top 10 most important daily challenges that fleet managers face every day in the UK

Fuel is the number one challenge that fleet managers and mobile-business professionals face in their daily operations. With rising fuel prices, fuel efficiency should be an essential part of company culture.

Fuel leads this ranking of daily challenges (71%), followed by increased costs (68%), meeting customer demands and expectations (62%), labour costs (60%), safety (57%), competitive pressure (56%), increased regulatory requirements (55%), CO2 reduction (55%), complexity of service offering (54%), inefficiencies in scheduling and dispatching (50%).

These are the top 9 benefits since the implementation of a GPS tracking solution

So, let’s dive deeper into the benefits identified by these businesses since they implemented tracking. 

Positive improvements after implementing GPS fleet tracking:

  • Improved customer service: 70%
  • Improved routing: 62%
  • Tachograph/ regulatory compliance: 61%
  • Improved productivity: 59%
  • Decrease in fuel consumption: 54%
  • Decrease in accidents: 46%
  • CO2 reduction: 46%
  • Improved vehicle maintenance: 33%
  • Decrease in labour costs: 27%

How can a GPS tracking solution help improve your daily operations?

With this all in mind, how can a GPS tracking solution help organisations improve their daily operations?

Fleet safety: Monitor driver behaviour, like harsh driving, speeding, harsh cornering, that not only risks their  team’s and vehicles’ safety but also increases fuel consumption which impacts negatively on  their bottom line. 

Fuel efficiency culture: Work towards a fuel efficient, sustainable business culture where they  promote safe driver behaviour, with a clear overview of the fuel consumption for  all their fleet of  vehicles. 

Innovative customer experience: Include  customers in the process, providing them accurate ETAs and informing them of possible delays using data from GPS trackers. This can help them feel that they have some control over the service required.

Smart routing: Route optimisation software can help you find cost-effective, optimal routes that can adapt to last minute changes and multi-stop route planning. It can also help to reduce extra miles being driven and avoid traffic jams in near-real time.

Stay on top of fleet maintenance: Boost their maintenance programme with the help of fleet tracking. Combining fleet data with distance travelled and  setting up regular checks when necessary, can reduce the wear and tear of their vehicles.

To find out more , download the full Fleet Technology Trends Report Europe 2023.

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