What keeps you awake at night?


Many fleet managers are met with daily pressures within their organisation and how effectively it is being run.

Verizon Connect (formally Fleetmatics) recently surveyed several fleet managers to find out what’s causing them to have sleepless nights. The results were interesting to say the least. A whopping 31% are concerned with vehicle maintenance and associated costs. 29% of them cited fuel costs as a specific worry. Whilst we can’t cast all these away, our fleet management solution can certainly help drivers to be more efficient. It also monitors wastage and mileage. This makes it easy to flag unscheduled trips on the road and ensure vehicles are being used in the right way at the right time.

Other fears raised in the research were as follows:

• Increasing customer expectations = 29%
• Compliance with the Law = 24%
• Unsafe driving practices = 23%

These won’t come as a surprise to some but because fleet managers can’t be with their drivers 24/7, preventative measures should be put in place. Our solutions monitor driving behaviours helping to improve safety and ultimately show the business in the best possible light, so owners can sleep a little easier.

If you'd like to see more results from the survey, you can download the Fleet Manager Insight Report 2018 here. For a better understanding of what we do, take a minute to watch this short video

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