How Productive Is Your Fleet?


Increasing productivity has long been a top priority for fleet managers. With fuel prices continuing to fluctuate, any way to keep costs in line and maximise profits must be explored. Increasingly, fleet managers are turning to GPS fleet tracking solutions to do exactly this – get the most from their fleets and boost that all important bottom line.

A GPS fleet tracking solution can help fleet managers gain greater control over spiralling costs in a number of ways, increasing productivity by helping: Reduce the amount of time drivers spend idling, or sitting inactive on company time

Eliminate the unauthorised use of company vehicles – including unscheduled stops 

  • Optimise routes for more efficient job scheduling 
  • Cut down on manual process and paperwork by accurately recording job times and outcomes
  • Flag driver behaviours that may be counterproductive to their work
  • All of the information above, coupled with the knowledge of the exact location of every vehicle in a fleet at any given time, helps businesses save fuel and schedule more jobs throughout the day – so there can be peak performance round the clock.

Find out how our platform gives you the visibility you need to get more done.

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