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Tackle distracted driving with driver-facing dashcams

By Verizon Connect Team January 17, 2023

Distracted driving is a safety risk your drivers and fleet cannot afford to take. According to the Department of Transport more than 2 people are killed each day as a result of distracted driving, with a total of 831 people killed in accidents each year that reportedly involved a distracted driver.(1)

Furthermore, the European Observatory also estimated that distraction plays a role in 5 - 25% of crashes in Europe. (2)

Mobile phones rate highly among the many causes of distractions that can pull a driver's attention off the road—but regardless of the cause, distracted driving remains a significant safety threat for commercial fleets. 

Additionally, the Department of Transport found that 1.0% of all drivers were observed using a mobile phone whilst driving on weekdays in Great Britain. For car drivers the equivalent figure was 0.8%. (3) In 2021 alone, 20 people were killed in car accidents while using their mobile phones. (4)

One of the technologies that can help fleet managers reduce instances of distracted driving is an in-cab, driver-facing camera. 

Verizon Connect's driver-facing dashcam

While forward-facing cameras do help fleet managers to mitigate on-the-road risks, driver-facing cameras can be more effective in monitoring driver behaviour given they provide an internal view of the cab and front seat. 

With the driver-facing dashcam, Verizon Connect wants to give fleet managers a near real-time inside view of driver actions to help provide a more accurate account of circumstances surrounding driving events (such as hard-braking or hard-acceleration) and other incidents. Both new and existing Verizon Connect Reveal customers can benefit from the ability to view driver footage alongside road-facing footage (dual-facing dashcams) in an effort to mitigate false claims and improve driver safety.

Driver-facing cameras can also help provide visual clarity around distracted driving behaviours—helping managers determine what negative behaviours are most pervasive within the fleet, take action to proactively correct them, and to help coach drivers.

Find out how a dashcam can redefine the safety of your employees and vehicles.

 Key capabilities:

  • Dual footage view: Users get a dual view of driver-facing and road-facing video via desktop or mobile app in order to simultaneously compare both perspectives for any 40-second time interval.
  • Streamlined video download: Users can download driver-facing footage as an MP4 file in order to easily share with insurance companies and assist in case of an accident, or to share with drivers to aid in coaching better driving behaviour.
  • Proof of liability: Capture in-cab visual of driver to determine any liability due to distracted driving (e.g. texting, eating, etc.).
  • Near-immediate notice: Users receive notifications to view a video within minutes of when a harsh driving event or potentially dangerous driving incident occurs.

Notable benefits:

  • A single, integrated solution: Video flows seamlessly into Verizon Connect Reveal, reducing the need to log into multiple sites. Managers can then learn from the aggregate of data from telematics, dual video footage and AI enhanced with machine learning.
  • Automatic classification: Videos are slotted into varying severity levels (e.g., collision versus near-miss) to help managers determine which incidents need more immediate attention.
  • Improved management: Helps users improve driver coaching with video-based analysis. Leverage concrete video evidence to determine if disciplinary action is necessary, or download relevant clips of good driver behaviour to boost morale and driver retention.
  • Multiple setup options: Users can choose from two installation options: professional or self-install.

Driving-facing in-cab cameras are an easy way for fleet managers to help protect drivers and the business while mitigating risks, leading to better liability protection, a better company reputation and safer operations while on the road.


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 (2): https://road-safety.transport.ec.europa.eu/system/files/2022-04/Road_Safety_Thematic_Report_Driver_Distraction_2022.pdf

Source (3-4): https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/seatbelt-and-mobile-phone-use-surveys-2021/mobile-phone-use-by-drivers-great-britain-2021#:~:text=In%202021

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