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Supercharge your utilities company

By Simon Austin September 2, 2020

While every utilities company is different, the challenges they face are anything but. A demanding customer-base, tight margins, tighter deadlines, the list goes on.

In simple terms, the business model is more jobs = greater profits. But it’s only possible to get the most out of your resource and fit more jobs into the working day if your fleet is working efficiently. And it’s not always easy to know whether or not that is the case.

It may well be that there is simply no room for additional jobs. In this instance, it becomes vital to ensure that every job is profitable. With so many costs and factors outside of a utility company’s control, such as fuel prices, congestion, and emergency call-outs, this is challenging to say the least.

When working in such an environment, it is unsurprising that an increasing number of utility companies are turning to every available tool to boost efficiency and profitability. Tools such as fleet management software.

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Controlling costs with GPS fleet management software

The potential efficiency gains of implementing a GPS solution start from the moment you receive a new job. Smart dispatch and scheduling allows you to quickly and easily schedule a day’s jobs in the most efficient order, finding and rerouting nearby drivers, if necessary, in just a few clicks.

Integrating live traffic data when scheduling or updating jobs can also help to avoid congestion, minimise unnecessary mileage and reduce time spent behind the wheel.

Naturally, a reduction in miles tends to lead to a reduction in fuel spend and efficient routing is just one of the ways a fleet management solution can help to keep these costs under control.

By tracking instances of excessive idling, speeding and harsh driving across your fleet, you can coach out wasteful and uneconomical behaviours, helping you to improve both MPG and fleet safety.

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Monitoring your drivers can also help you to cut down on another common drain on a utility company’s margins: personal use. While many companies allow personal use in some form, abuse of the system can prove costly. And unfortunately, it can also be all-too-common.

GPS fleet management software can help to put a stop to such abuse. Simply place geofences around areas in which vehicles are permitted to travel and receive alerts whenever one diverts from these areas or if a vehicle is in use outside of working hours. 

Geofences can also help to protect against vehicle and equipment theft. As well as alerts whenever a vehicle is started or moved to an unauthorised area, in the event of a theft, location data can be used to track and recover your assets.

Finally, fleet management software can help you stay in control of your costs by potentially lowering your insurance premiums. Many insurers offer discounts to fleets with GPS tracking units in every vehicle.

Greater efficiency, improved service

When implemented correctly, a comprehensive fleet management solution can not only improve efficiency, it can also help you to provide a better service to your customers.

Response time is key to utility companies and fleet tracking software allows you to respond faster and more accurately. Simply assign emergency call outs to the nearest driver in just a few clicks. GPS location data can then be used to provide an accurate ETA and to track the driver right to the customer – keeping them informed along the way. Smarter scheduling, along with GPS location data, can also be used to provide customers with more accurate and convenient call-out times and arrival slots.

Ultimately, with this software to hand, you could benefit from better transparency of your fleet and its operations. Transparency that can be leveraged to spot and reduce inefficiency, drive greater productivity, improve service and most importantly, boost profitability.

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Simon Austin

Simon is the Associate Director, International Marketing, EMEA & APAC. With over 20 years marketing experience in the IT software and business analytics industry, Simon believes passionately in the power of data and how it can help business realise their full potential faster.

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