Stay in control with remote immobilisation


Staying in control is an ongoing challenge for fleet-reliant business owners. With a workforce largely out on the road, it is not always easy to ensure that all drivers and vehicles are performing their duties as they should be.

Any unauthorised use of company assets can prove costly, resulting in additional mileage, wear and tear, increased fuel consumption and potential damage to your company reputation.

But what do you do if an employee, or anyone else for that matter, takes a vehicle without your consent or uses it for anything other than permitted business?

A fleet tracking solution with immobilisation technology can help – allowing you to monitor the status and whereabouts of every vehicle in your fleet and, if necessary, take direct action to halt unauthorised use.

The benefits of immobilisation

It’s easy to feel helpless the moment you realise that a company vehicle is being used in an unauthorised manner. Fortunately, there are still steps you can take to stay in control of the situation.

Stop unauthorised use in its tracks: Immobilisation technology allows you to remotely shutdown any vehicle in your fleet in just a few clicks. If the vehicle is in motion, it will be disabled as soon as it comes to a stop.

Alternatively, if you know who is driving, you can get in contact to warn that immobilisation is imminent if they fail to change course. 

Protect against theft: When you become aware that a vehicle has been taken without your consent, the first moments are absolutely vital. In many cases, the longer your asset is out of your control, the lower the chances of it being safely recovered.

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With immobilisation technology installed, you can take immediate action as soon as you suspect foul play. Your GPS tracking solution can then be used to help locate and recover your prized asset.

Reduce costs: The ability to remotely immobilise your vehicles can not only increase fleet security, it can also help to bring down costs. By taking direct action, it’s possible to reduce the risk of theft and lower the impact of unauthorised personal use – both of which can prove costly to fleet businesses.

Many insurers also offer discounts to fleets that use immobilisation technology.

Immobilisation for Reveal

Whatever the cause of unauthorised use, it can cause untold stress, not to mention expense, to fleet-reliant business owners.

To stay in control, it’s vital that you know exactly where your vehicles are, and who is driving them, at all times. But that’s not all. If a vehicle is being used without your consent, there’s no substitute taking for direct action.

That’s where Immobilisation for Reveal comes in. In just a few clicks, you can send a remote immobilisation request to any of your fleet vehicles. As soon as the ignition is switched off, it is unable to restart – putting you back in control of the situation.

What’s more, as Immobilisation is integrated with the Reveal solution, you can monitor vehicle location, driver performance and send immobilisation requests from the same system, with no need for a standalone application.

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