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Stay in control as your fleet grows

By Simon Austin December 8, 2021

On the back of the past year's disruption, many fleet-reliant businesses find themselves in more competitive markets than ever before. This, on top of tighter margins and increasingly demanding customers has led many to turn to technology to gain an edge. In fact, around 50% of fleet managers say they would not have been able to succeed during the pandemic without such a solution.

But fleet management technology is much more than a tool for coping with a crisis. A comprehensive solution can help you to gain complete visibility of your operation, spot inefficiency promote safety and drive productivity and cost savings across the board. And the larger your fleet, the more you potentially have to gain – as small inefficiencies can soon add up across 10, 20 or 50 vehicles.

So, if you operate a larger fleet, here are just a few of the ways fleet management technology can help keep your business moving.

Never miss a thing

With multiple drivers on the road, it can be difficult to effectively keep tabs on any behaviours that could harm your bottom line. Bad habits like speeding and harsh driving can get lost among the masses of events that take place across your fleet every day.

Almost a third of fleet managers wish they had more time to focus on reducing costs

With a fleet management solution in place, you can easily monitor such instances, receiving alerts and reports of any behaviours that can hamper productivity and fuel efficiency. With detailed information on driver performance, you can reward those doing well and incentivise others to improve.

Greater visibility can help you better serve your customers too. With live location data at your fingertips, you can provide accurate and timely SLAs and quickly find and reroute drivers should customers need a return visit or an urgent call out. This information can even be shared with your customers directly so they can follow your drivers to the door in near real-time.

Delve into your data

Fleet management technology doesn't just give you visibility into vehicle location and driver behaviour. It offers incredible insight into your fleet data too. And when you fully understand your data, you can unlock the potential to transform the way you work.

Data collected on everyday events like arrival, departure, time spent on-site and more can be used to automate processes like billing, timesheets and payroll, helping to save time and improve accuracy.

Vital information on vehicle type, load type, congestion and customer requirements can also be leveraged by a smart scheduling solution to automatically plot a day's jobs in the most efficient order. This approach can reduce overall mileage and potentially allow you to fit more jobs into the working day.

There are numerous other potential uses for your fleet data too. For example, a comprehensive fleet management solution can automatically set servicing and maintenance reminders based on time, engine hours and mileage.

Vehicle maintenance and associated costs are a major concern for almost a quarter of fleet managers

Keep a close eye on costs

When running a large fleet, seemingly minimal inefficiencies like a few minutes idling here and there can soon create big problems. Especially if left undetected.

That's why fleet management technology can be so effective at helping to combat fuel waste and the associated costs. When you monitor every vehicle in your fleet, you can spot and stamp out behaviours such as idling and speeding that can quickly impact fuel efficiency.

35% of fleet-reliant businesses plan to implement geofences to monitor vehicle activity

This level of monitoring can also keep you in the know when it comes to unauthorised use. Your GPS system tracks every vehicle 24/7, so if a vehicle is ever used without your knowledge or permission, you'll know about it. Add geofences around permitted routes and prohibited locations and you can even receive live alerts as soon as a vehicle strays off track.

For extra peace of mind, integrate your fuel card solution with your fleet management system. That way, you can crosscheck fuel purchases to check for anomalies.

Stay in control – however large your fleet

There's no need to compromise on control as your fleet size increases. Modern fleet management technology can give you eyes on the road and in the cab whether you're running with ten vehicles or 100.

And that's not all. Today's systems do much more than track. Once in place, your solution can give you the insight and the ability to improve processes, drive efficiency and potentially increase the profitability of every mile.

To see what your fleet could look like with Verizon Connect's fleet management tools, arrange a free demo today. Or, to learn more about fleet management technology for larger businesses, read our recent eBook: The bigger your operation, the more there is to miss.

Simon Austin

Simon is the Associate Director, International Marketing, EMEA & APAC. With over 20 years marketing experience in the IT software and business analytics industry, Simon believes passionately in the power of data and how it can help business realise their full potential faster.

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