Minimise driver distraction


It almost goes without saying that driving while distracted is potentially dangerous. Yet despite this, four out five UK motorists admit to doing it. Worse still, distraction is a contributing factor in around 10% of all accidents on Britain’s road.

As much as fleet-reliant business owners may want to, it’s impossible to eliminate all distraction from a driver’s day. However, there are a few steps employers and drivers can take to minimise distraction and stay focused on the road:

  1. Get ready before you hit the road. Ensure mirrors and seats are in the correct position, routing instructions are in the sat nav and seat belts are secured before starting the vehicle.

  2. Set aside devices. Place any electronic devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, out of reach while driving. This way the temptation to check a text or take a call is removed entirely.

  3. Take snack breaks. If you need to eat or drink during the day, set aside time to do this. One in ten drivers has experienced a near miss because they were distracted by food while driving.

  4. Switch on voice commands. Set your sat nav to issue voice instructions to keep you engaged with the route and lower the chances of missing a visual cue.

  5. Track drivers remotely. Tracking vehicles remotely allows managers to see near real-time ETAs and location data without having to contact drivers out on the road.

Minimising distraction is just one of many ways GPS vehicle tracking can help you run a safer and smarter fleet. Find out more.

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