Are You Getting The Most From Your GPS Solution


Many people hear the term “GPS” and immediately think of following a dot on a map. But while a GPS fleet management solution can certainly help fleet managers keep tabs on the whereabouts of their vehicles, there are also plenty of other features that are often overlooked. 

Once operating, a GPS system has the power to help improve the performance, productivity and efficiency of a fleet – here are just a few of the ways how…

Automated processes

Ask any driver what they like least about their job and nine times out of ten you would expect the answer to be… paperwork. A GPS fleet management solution automatically logs vital information such as start times, time spent at location, job completion and driving time. Not only does this reduce paperwork by digitalising processes such as timesheets and payroll but it can also be a valuable tool in resolving customer disputes. 


Geofencing – setting a virtual perimeter on real-world geography – allows fleet managers to organise vehicles within pre-defined regions. This allows fleet managers to easily categorise jobs by location, thereby improving response rates and eliminating the need to sift through irrelevant location data. And that’s not all. As fleet managers can set alerts whenever vehicles stray into an unauthorised area, they can be immediately informed should a driver be running a personal errand or a vehicle be taken without consent.

Route optimisation

Route planning has traditionally been a time-consuming challenge. Thanks to the advent of GPS systems, that is no longer the case. All fleet managers now need do is put the details of the day’s stops into the GPS fleet management solution and it will quickly outline the optimum route from start to finish – additional jobs can then be added to this route throughout the day at the touch of a button.

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