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Lorries can’t limbo

By Sergio Barata February 2, 2020

Railway bridges experience almost 2,000 lorry strikes per year, costing UK taxpayers up to £23m in damages and delays.

According to recent research from Network Rail, more than half of lorry drivers in the UK admit to ignoring low bridges when planning their journey, and 43 per cent do not know the size of their vehicle. This results in around five bridge accidents per day, each costing an average of £13,500 and two hours of delays to train services.

Fleets are also bearing the burden as lorries can be out of action for long periods of time while they wait to be freed from under a bridge, not to mention the resulting damage to the vehicle.

With effective route planning software, such as our Route Planning Suite, fleet managers can easily take into account any bridges, or other overhanging hazards to be aware of or avoid.

Further, with a fully integrated vehicle, the software can help to reduce the impact of traffic or an accident to the rest of the operation’s schedule. This allows fleet owners to make sure their drivers remain safe, minimise damage to key assets and reduce delays that might arise as a result of a bridge striking accident.

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Sergio Barata

Sergio Barata is the General Manager for EMEA and has been with the company since 2008.

Tags: Safety, Customer service, Dispatching & scheduling, Productivity & efficiency, Routing, Compliance

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