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It’s never been easier to go electric

By Simon Austin July 27, 2023

Until very recently, electric vehicles (EVs) were seen as a fringe alternative to traditional petrol and diesel-powered engines. However, changing regulations, ambitious eco targets and wide-ranging green initiatives have drastically changed the playing field in recent years.

Numerous countries worldwide, from the UK, Germany and Italy to Canada and Costa Rica, have laid out plans to phase out production of petrol and diesel vehicles over the next decade or two. As a result, manufacturers are prioritising electric models, increasing competition and lowering consumer prices.

At the same time, the infrastructure needed to support EVs is constantly improving, with charging points now available across the length and breadth of the UK. In this environment, it is little wonder why the country’s EV sales have reached record heights, with almost 330,000 registered last year – up by 77% since 2020.

That said, changing regulations and increasing ease of use are far from the only factors driving this uptick. Many fleets are switching to EVs to realise cost savings, meet sustainability targets, and much more. And with fleet management technology, it’s never been easier to make the switch – while staying in control of your vehicles.

Why go electric?

With bans on non-electric car sales and CO2-emitting lorry and bus sales in the UK from 2030 and 2040, respectively, switching your fleet to EVs is now a question of when not if. But rather than wait until you have no alternative, there are plenty of great reasons to make the move as early as possible.

Reduce fuel costs
Of course, charging your electric fleet will carry a cost, but it is usually considerably lower than fuelling with petrol and diesel over the lifespan of each vehicle.

Even as the price of electricity increases, it remains cheaper per mile than traditional fuels. Plus, historically, it has not been exposed to the kinds of fluctuations that can impact the price of petrol and diesel at the pump.

Reduce maintenance
Generally speaking, EVs have fewer moving parts, meaning less strain on the engine. This can help reduce the chances of breakdown and keep your vehicles on the road longer. For this reason, the cost of servicing and maintaining EVs is usually lower than traditional vehicles.

Go green
Sustainability is high on the agenda at most modern businesses. And there are few faster ways to reduce your carbon footprint than by swapping your petrol or diesel vehicles for electric alternatives.

As well as helping you meet your emissions targets, EV vehicles meet ULEZ and similar low-emission zone criteria. So you can keep serving your customers at no extra cost to your business.

Get a head start
EVs are no longer a concept of the future. They are on our roads today and will be in greater volume with each passing year.

The sooner you begin to implement EVs into your fleet, the quicker you can start to reap the many benefits from lower costs to zero emissions.

Verizon Connect – supporting your electric fleet

With Verizon Connect, you can incorporate EVs into your fleet management solution alongside or instead of your petrol and diesel vehicles. So, you can view vehicle and location data and get a live view of your fleet at any time – no matter how it’s fuelled.

A single dashboard
Monitor your mixed fleet vehicles together in one place to help improve sustainability efforts, increase worker productivity and boost your bottom line.

Plan your next move
See EV locations and battery life information in near real-time on a live map, so you can plan and schedule routes efficiently.

Stay on the road
Set alerts to notify you when EV batteries are getting low to improve uptime and reduce the risk of stranded drivers.

Check EV status
Quickly see which EVs are plugged in or charging and which are ready to go.

Track sustainability targets
Use data gathered by your GPS solution to calculate your fleet’s carbon footprint and reduce your environmental impact.

Are you ready for EVs?

Petrol and diesel engines have been the norm for decades, so it’s natural to have some reservations about electric-powered vehicles. That said, the transition to electric is only going to pick up pace over the next few years, and the earlier you start to transition, the easier the process is likely to be.

Whether you’re preparing to take the first step or are already well on your way, Verizon Connect can help. Visit our EV solution page to find out how. And for more eco-friendly fleet tips, download our eBook – Track your way to a greener fleet.

Simon Austin

Simon is the Associate Director, International Marketing, EMEA & APAC. With over 20 years marketing experience in the IT software and business analytics industry, Simon believes passionately in the power of data and how it can help business realise their full potential faster.

Tags: Cost control, Data & analytics, Customer service, Productivity & efficiency

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