How drivers benefit from GPS tracking


The business benefits of GPS tracking are a major reason behind its growing popularity.

With numerous case studies highlighting the technology’s potential to boost fleet efficiency, productivity, safety and more, it’s not hard to see why so many business owners and fleet managers implement such systems throughout their organisations.

However, it’s not only the boss and the bottom line that benefits from a GPS solution. There are plenty of reasons for drivers to get behind this technology too, including: 

Fewer distractions: GPS fleet tracking can be used to automate key processes, such as the reporting of ETAs, delays and route changes. Taking these tasks away from the driver can remove unnecessary distractions and allows them to focus solely on the job at hand.

Safer working environment: Data collected by a GPS system on vehicle health and maintenance status can be used to help ensure vehicles are in peak condition – minimising the risk of breakdown. In the event of a breakdown, location data can also be used to send assistance to the stranded driver more efficiently.

Greater protection: If a customer complaint occurs, journey history data can be used to replay a driver’s movements throughout the working day. This information, which includes location data and time of arrival/departure from each job site, can be used to settle disputes and corroborate a driver’s version of events.

Less wasted time: Traffic information is easily integrated into a GPS solution to help drivers avoid congestion and delays. New jobs that come in throughout the working day can also be easily assigned to the nearest available driver, minimising lengthy detours and unnecessary extra time spent behind the wheel.

These are just some of the ways a GPS solution can help your drivers to be safe, productive and efficient. For more, visit here

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