Common Myths Series: All systems are the same


Most fleet-reliant businesses have at least considered the prospect of implementing some form of fleet management system – be it simple GPS tracking or a more comprehensive telematics solution. Many go on to do so, yet others hesitate and ultimately decide against it.

For the companies that choose not to follow up on their interest, the reasons are often the following:

  1. It's not affordable.
  2. I don’t want to be seen to be spying on my staff.
  3. It’s not really necessary

The list goes on.

While these common concerns may seem understandable, in truth, very few of them are based on real facts. They are just some of the many common, perpetuated myths about fleet tracking and its worth.

Let's separate the myth from the measurable.

Myth Six: All systems are the same

By far the most common system myth is that all GPS solutions are the same. Fleet managers that have used and been left less than impressed by a fleet tracking system then assume that all are equally unimpressive. This could not be further from the truth.

There are huge differences in GPS tracking systems and their usability. Some solely track location data and may take some back-end knowledge to run report and analysis. Others, however, can offer a full 360 view of your fleet, giving you vital information on driver behaviour, fuel efficiency and fleet productivity. This allows you to automate reporting and key processes, such as payroll and timesheets. Far from just keeping you informed of your drivers’ whereabouts, fleet tracking has the potential to make their jobs easier, extend the life of your vehicles and safeguard the wellbeing of your entire fleet.

If this isn’t your experience of a GPS solution, then you haven’t found the right one.

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