Common Myths Series: Driver trust


Most fleet-reliant businesses have at least considered the prospect of implementing some form of fleet management system – be it simple GPS tracking or a more comprehensive telematics solution. Many go on to do so, yet others hesitate and ultimately decide against it.

For the companies that choose not to follow up on their interest, the reasons are often the following:

  1. It's not affordable.
  2. I don’t want to be seen to be spying on my staff.
  3. It’s not really necessary.

The list goes on.

While these common concerns may seem understandable, in truth, very few of them are based on real facts. They are just some of the many common, perpetuated myths about fleet tracking and its worth.

Let's separate the myth from the measurable.

Myth one: My drivers will think I don't trust them

The most common misconception regarding driver reaction to fleet tracking involves trust. Many fleet managers believe that introducing a GPS solution is tantamount to telling staff that you’re no longer willing to take them at their word.

There are several reasons why this argument doesn’t stack up, and it is often down to misunderstanding

For one, trust goes both ways – you need your drivers to trust you too. Once drivers fully understand that a comprehensive telematics solution is going to make their (and your) jobs easier, they should trust that it is being installed for the right reasons.

GPS fleet tracking is not simply a way of checking up on your drivers but a powerful tool to help them work smarter and more efficiently. Route optimisation will help them reach their destination quicker and live traffic alerts can help them avoid long tailbacks and roadblocks – something no driver has ever claimed to enjoy. Plus, near real-time location data allows you to provide up to the minute ETAs and advanced warning of any delays, resulting in less complaints and more satisfied customers.

Drivers should also understand that, with GPS tracking, you’re prioritising their safety. Unfortunately, accidents involving company vehicles are common, totaling over a third of all road accidents. Therefore, anything that may bring that figure down can only be a help not a hindrance.

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