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Make Payroll Pain-Free With Fleet Tracking

By Simon Austin-Beckett2020-02-02
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Many businesses still rely on timesheets to determine payroll. While this may seem like a logical system, any manual process naturally opens the door to inaccuracies, either due to human error or straight-forward falsification of hours worked.

By automating payroll with the help of a GPS system, business owners not only help ensure their employees are paid accurately for the hours they have worked, but they can also take back the time currently spent matching up timesheets and job tickets. 

By tracking the precise time a vehicle starts at the beginning of the day to the moment it shuts down at the end, a fleet tracking solution provides an accurate, automated record of how long an employee worked and where. Also, shutoff and startup times during the day can be used to record accurate time spent on lunches and breaks -- authorised or otherwise. 

A Verizon Connect solution can compile this information into an easy to understand format that can be used as an electronic timesheet. This information can then be integrated into back office applications which can only help to further increase business efficiencies and bring down administrative costs. 

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Simon Austin-Beckett

Simon is the Sr. Marketing Manager, Atlantic & Benelux. With over 15 years marketing experience in the IT software and business analytics industry, Simon believes passionately in the power of data and how it can help business realise their full potential faster.

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