9 Secrets Series: Don't short change yourself


As a fleet owner, your day-to-day costs can quickly add up. Particularly when hidden and unnecessary costs are hurting your bottom line.

The amount of fuel wasted, how efficiently your staff drive, overpaying wages and how you keep track of it all, can make a huge difference when it comes to your ongoing expenses.

When you’re incredibly busy with on-site jobs and managing other areas of your business, it can be hard to identify what things aren’t as cost effective as they could be.

This series of blogs will look at how you can get a grip on such expenses and highlights nine surprising ways to lower your operating costs that you may not have even considered.

Secret 8: Don’t short change yourself

Staff may complete job sheets and not include accurate start and finish times. So, when it comes to billing your customers, you are simply relying on the times your staff have submitted.

These times could be rounded down or be missing hours that you haven’t billed your customer for. With a GPS fleet tracking solution, you can verify start and finish times. This ensures you charge your customers for any additional hours your staff worked on-site. Also, if a customer disputes a bill, you have accurate data to support your case.

By looking at the bigger picture, you could decrease your level of financial risk and help to reduce the admin involved with timesheets, ultimately enabling you to invest more back into your business.

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