3 ways fleet management software benefits the distribution industry


The demands on the distribution industry have noticeably grown in recent years. With customers becoming increasingly demanding and margins getting ever-tighter, the need to improve efficiency and maximise profitability is more paramount than ever.

To meet these increasing demands, many in the distribution industry are turning to fleet management technologies to improve efficiency while maintaining high standards of service.

Here’s how a comprehensive fleet management solution could help your distribution business:

Smarter routing

One of the leading benefits of a fleet tracking solution to distribution companies is in its ability to optimise routing. Shortest and fastest routes can quickly and easily be scheduled, taking into account outside factors such as road congestion. This optimisation can potentially allow for more stops in each working day. Plus, should a new job come in when a driver is already on the road, it’s simple to find and re-route the nearest driver, allowing you to respond faster to customer requests and reduce unnecessary mileage.

More accurate ETAs

Keeping customers happy is a vital part of running any business. In the ultra-competitive distribution industry, it’s more important than ever. Near real-time location information allows you to provide your customers with accurate, up-to-the minute ETAs, increasing customer satisfaction and enabling you to manage expectations in the event of a delay.

Increased efficiency

A comprehensive fleet management solution can not only help your drivers get from A to B, it can allow them to get there more efficiently. By tracking key events throughout your fleet, such as speeding, late braking, harsh acceleration and instances of idling, you can coach drivers into safer and more efficient driving practices. This can help to improve the efficiency of your fleet and potentially reduce your fuel costs.

Do more with your distribution business

There are few industries better placed to benefit from fleet management software than the distribution industry.

Not only can fleet tracking help to improve safety, security, efficiency and productivity, it can also allow your business to gain a competitive edge when it comes to providing first class customer service.

Find out how you could benefit from a GPS fleet management solution today.

Find out how our platform gives you the visibility you need to get more done.

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