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68% of fleet managers surveyed in the UK stated that a GPS solution is “extremely” or “very beneficial” to manage their fleets

By Verizon Connect Team February 15, 2022

The Fleet Technology Trends Survey conducted for Verizon Connect by ABI Research reported positive findings when fleet managers were asked about whether a GPS solution had benefitted their fleet. 

68% of fleet managers surveyed in the UK stated that a GPS solution is “extremely” or “very beneficial” for managing their fleets.

Furthermore, the number of fleets using GPS tracking technology in various European countries is increasing, which shows that it is an established and growing solution for companies in Europe.

In the United Kingdom the number of fleets using GPS tracking technology is 73%, 5 points above the European average of 68% in 2021.

This report, based on surveys completed by more than 150 fleet managers, executives, and other mobile-business professionals in the UK, highlights the advantages fleet businesses are experiencing by investing in fleet tracking technology. It also showed how it was key to helping deliver results and building resilience for all the principal industries surveyed.

The effects of the pandemic on fleet managers and their teams

One of the most important challenges that fleet managers face every day is keeping their team safe. After experiencing the pandemic’s effects and the consequent economic impact, many companies made the decision to take action to prepare their fleets for future eventualities.

Download the report and learn more about these protective measures that many fleet managers plan to implement in their business.


Top 10 challenges that fleet managers face every day

Fleet managers have to overcome numerous hurdles daily in order to keep their businesses competitive and prepared for whatever they may face. Being professionals, fleet managers know that it makes sense to carry out a good analysis of their current situation if they want to improve their competitiveness. They should also aim to improve certain strategic areas of their company that will allow them to be more competitive. These include promoting fleet safety, reducing fuel costs, improving productivity, boosting efficiency, extending the life of their vehicles and improving their customer service.

Discover the top 10 challenges that fleet managers have to face every day to keep their businesses competitive and ready.

Does fleet tracking technology impact ROI?

Fleet tracking technology leads to improvements in key areas of a business, such as customer service, regulatory compliance, routing, and productivity. Implementing this type of technology also results in a decrease in fuel consumption, fewer accidents, less frequent vehicle maintenance and lower labour costs, which can all help businesses to be more competitive in the market.

The majority of respondents from all the different industries surveyed reported that they achieved a positive ROI within the first year of implementing GPS fleet tracking. 

Download the report and learn more about the positive improvements that implementing GPS fleet tracking can bring. Also, find out how long it took businesses to achieve a positive ROI thanks to their GPS fleet tracking solution.


Cost savings matter

For fleet managers, saving costs is essential to keep their business competitive. According to our survey, 70% of businesses in Europe said that increased costs was one of the biggest business challenges (extremely or very impactful) followed by fuel consumption (69%), meeting customer expectations (63%), and labour costs (63%). Those that make use of fleet tracking technology noted remarkable progress in these challenges and an improvement in other KPIs.

Across all industries, users of GPS tracking managed to decrease fuel costs by an average of 8%. Users also saw a 15% decline in accident costs and a 12% decrease in overall labour costs.

Download the report and discover the most important costs for UK businesses and the results that fleet managers in the United Kingdom achieved since implementing a GPS tracking solution.

The bottom line regarding GPS tracking

Building a resilient business is more important now than ever before. Fleet managers can use data points from GPS tracking to make long-term purposeful decisions that will help their fleet withstand the complex business environment and prepare for future emergencies.

Fleet tracking technology goes beyond just dots on a map. It gives fleet managers much-needed visibility into driver behaviour, fleet costs, and vehicle wear and tear. With dashboards and customisable reports, you can check the state of your business at any point in time.

Download the Fleet Technology Trends Report in the UK and discover the state of the fleet management industry and trends for 2022. 

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