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Fuel efficiency is more than just litres per 100 kilometres. You might think your fuel spend is as lean as it’s going to get. But how can you be sure? We provide you with all the tools you need to make sure you’re not spending a cent more than you have to on fuel.

Fuel efficiency is more than just litres per 100 kilometres. You might think your fuel spend is as lean as it’s going to get. But how can you be sure? We provide you with all the tools you need to make sure you’re not spending a cent more than you have to on fuel.

Idling costs more than you think

Keeping an engine idling might seem like a small thing to a driver, but when you multiply it across the whole fleet, it can quickly add up. Some companies have seen six-figure savings in the first year of deploying this fuel-saving solution.

Help educate drivers

Idling can sometimes be resolved by educating drivers about when idling is and isn’t needed. Now you have the fuel tracking data you need to effectively coach your team, focus on the knowledge gaps and improve overall fleet fuel efficiency.

Identify bad idling

Sometimes idling might be required, such as when running a PTO unit or using the lift gate. Our reports clearly separate necessary idling from waste.

Minimise engine wear

Minimising engine use also saves on overall wear and tear, maintenance costs and extends the life of the vehicle.

Changing how you drive can slash your fuel costs

It’s a well-known fact that driving in a more calm and gentler manner can reduce your fuel costs by one-third.* But how can you help your fleet drivers comply with driving in a more economical way? We make it easy.

*Source: US Department of Energy

Motivation to improve

Drivers have never had an incentive to drive more economically – until now. Our gamification app that tracks fuel consumption provides drivers with a fun way to compete for the top spot as most efficient driver.

Focus on safety

Not only can harsh driving increase fuel bills by up to 33%, it can significantly increase the risk of an accident.

Prompt reminders

Teachable moments happen every day and the best time to train a driver is on the spot. With in-cab alerts, drivers can be alerted to wasteful driving and correct it right away.

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Fuel card management — Smart is now secure

Fuel cards are convenient. They streamline expense reporting, give you access to fuel discounts, and make it easier for your drivers. But what about minimising fraud? We can help with that.

Minimise fuel card fraud

Highlight fuel card transactions that are potentially unauthorised. Using a combination of data points, our reporting can make sure fuel cards are used correctly.

Open integration

Our solution offers a flexible, robust option for integrating with other fuel card systems or specific enterprise software to minimise data entry.

Easy reporting

GPS location data makes it easy to get precise fueling information for your overall fleet, as well as individual fuel usage. Pinpoint fuel wasting practices or outright fuel theft.

Reliable card transaction information allows you to track accurate litres per 100 kilometres, pinpoint the direct cause of high fuel consumption, eliminate fuel slippage, enforce fuel-saving driving habits, ensure your vehicles run economically and ultimately improve fleet fuel efficiency.

Going the extra kilometre is not always a good thing

Poor route planning can mean mobile workers are driving more kilometres than necessary – and every wasted kilometre is not just a cost in labor and productivity, but fuel as well. In fact, most fleets see an average 10% drop in total kilometres driven after installing fleet management software.*

* Source: “Benefits After Effective Deployment of Fleet Management System” Frost & Sullivan 2015.

Avoid the traffic

Add traffic map layers to identify and avoid congested areas so drivers spend less time stuck idling in traffic.

Dispatch the nearest technician

Save someone a long drive by easily locating the nearest technician to a new job.

Optimised route planning

Organising multi-stop routes for a fleet of drivers is complicated, and when done manually often results in a lot of unnecessary kilometres. Route planning software can automate the process of finding the most efficient route.

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Better maintenance means better fuel efficiency

Vehicles that receive regular maintenance run more efficiently and use less fuel than neglected vehicles. Whether it’s worn spark plugs, bad brakes, slack belts or a faulty oxygen sensor, poorly maintained vehicles can use a lot more fuel.

Get alerts based on date, engine hours or mileage, and the type of service. Easily see which vehicles need servicing and coordinate with your local dealer or service center to minimise any downtime.

Depending on the GPS hardware used (such as built-in OEM telematics hardware), get real-time access to rich diagnostic data specific to the type of vehicle, which allows more proactive maintenance, minimising expensive breakdowns.

You can also connect directly with your dealer to make sure any issues with your fleet assets are being treated promptly and in the right way.

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