Driver management & safety software

Improve safety and planning, and reduce overtime and unauthorised vehicle use.

Improve safety and planning, and reduce overtime and unauthorised vehicle use.

Give your drivers the support they need

Our driver management software helps your drivers be their best every day, from better workload balancing, smarter dispatch and helpful job sheets to accurate directions and coaching tools. It’s everything you need to help your drivers be safe, productive and efficient.

Driver support

All the tools your driver needs to get the job done, from commercial navigation work order management and compliance solutions – all on a single device.

Driver visibility

Fast, feature-rich map with near real-time GPS tracking shows driver location and current status. Powerful search options allow quick filtering.

Driver identification

Smart driver ID features mean that it doesn’t matter how many vehicles your drivers operate as you can still get accurate reporting.

Coaching tools

Drivers can proactively manage their own performance with personalised leaderboard apps that allow them to review their driving every day.

Tools to track driving

We know that good driving is more than just one thing, which is why we’ve made it possible for you to measure the full range of driving metrics.

Safety. Speeding, hard braking, harsh accel­eration, seat belt use.

Economy. Unproductive idling, unnecessary fuel use.

Productivity. Late start, time on site and early arrivals.

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Coach employees through custom scorecards

Drivers can use their smartphone or tablet to check-in daily, tracking their progress against company-wide benchmarks and other drivers. They can lookup details for each event to understand what happened, to add a remark or have a discussion with their supervisor.

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Online driver management

A full range of driver information can be stored securely and managed online, integrating with dispatch, scheduling and work order management. Driver tracking, along with unique IDs, gives you the ability to manage your team more effectively, at every level.

  • Driver details and skill-set
  • Availability
  • Driving performance
  • CSA scores
  • License types
  • Clearance levels

Safer drivers save money

Effective fleet safety is good for you, your drivers and other people on the road. It can also reduce costs – fuel, maintenance, repairs, liability, infringements and insurance premiums. Fleet Management Dashboards give you the tools you need to run a safer fleet, and make safe driving an integral part of your day-to-day operations.

Minimise unauthorised use

Set limits on when, and where, vehicles can be used.

Instant alerts

Get instant notifications about key events, such as unauthorised vehicle activity, airbag deployment or speeding.

Safety KPI dashboard

Review performance against safety benchmarks and chart progress by group or across the entire fleet.

Proven productivity

Validate your team’s productivity with a verified record of service including details such as start times, job completion and driving time – even when and where your supervisors are supervising.

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Driver ID

Each driver gets a unique key fob, required for each journey. Report on vehicle behaviour by assigned driver to isolate training opportunities.

Mobile forms

Reduce the paperwork burden on your drivers by converting to electronic forms that can be completed using a phone or tablet.

Leaderboard motivation

Drivers can compete for bragging rights or rewards with leaderboard positions based on safe driving scores.

Driver training videos

Provide your drivers with relevant safety training videos they can access directly from their mobile device.

Manager dashboard

Managers get an overview of driver behaviour and trends that can be drilled into by team or individual. View by hours or miles.

In-cab alerts

Configure your telematics hardware to create audible warnings whenever unsafe driving is detected.

Your map. Your way.

Mark your map with markers (also referred to as POIs or landmarks) to identify areas of interest such as depots, customers, jobsites or prohibited locations.

Smart dispatch

Quickly locate and dispatch the nearest mobile worker with the right skills and vehicle for the job. Filter by attributes or tags and sort by distance.

Uncluttered view

Patented technology that cleverly groups nearby assets. Simplify management of even large fleets and see critical fleet data at a glance.

Online driver management

Web-based software (SaaS) offers significant savings on IT and hardware costs and gives your mobile workforce access to critical data, alerts and reports.

API integration

Integrate with other enterprise systems such as SAP, payroll, HR and CRM solutions using standard web-based APIs (REST, SOAP etc.).

Find stuff fast

Easily find any vehicle, driver, location or tagged group for easier management of large fleets.

Historical routes

A powerful tool for creating a detailed window on historical events, which makes it easy to replay the sequence of events.

Time zones/languages

Support for multiple languages including Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic. Tag assets to specific time zones for more accurate reporting.

Automated scripts

Your fleet data has greater value when it's part of a connected solution. Build custom workflow scripts that can be triggered based on multiple conditions.