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Want to keep your whole team happy? You need fleet management tech

By Holly Dempster April 25, 2024

If you’ve spent any time researching fleet management technology, you’ll know of its potential to improve the lives of fleet managers. With live location and status information at their fingertips, it’s easy to monitor and manage mobile operations – to get peace of mind that all vehicles and assets are performing as they should be. 

However, fleet managers are far from the only ones who stand to benefit from a GPS fleet management solution. When implemented across your entire fleet, a comprehensive system can help everyone in your business – from drivers to finance teams – drive efficiency, safety and profitability.

How fleet management technology…

…helps the finance department
As the price of utilities, parts and fuel continue to rise, businesses everywhere are looking to do more for less. Much to the delight of many finance departments, fleet management technology can help. 

With data gathered on fuel consumption versus estimated MPG, idle time and other wasteful behaviours like speeding and harsh acceleration, you can train and incentivise drivers into more fuel bill-friendly road habits.

…keeps your customers happy
Today’s customers expect more from their service providers than ever before. In this ‘always on’ world, the transparency of your service is paramount. 

With a GPS solution to monitor every vehicle in your fleet, you can provide customers with up-to-the-minute ETAs, mitigate potential delays and have the information/metrics to hand so you can deliver against your SLAs. You can even share live location data with your customers so they can track drivers straight to their door.

…delights your dispatchers
In a busy fleet with tight margins, effective dispatch can be the difference between profit and loss. But with so many variables at play, it’s not always easy to plot a day’s jobs as efficiently as possible. 

With a modern fleet management solution, dispatchers can rely on intelligent algorithms to design each driver’s route, accounting for customer requirements, load and vehicle type, and more. 

At-a-glance live map data also allows them to find and reroute drivers to callbacks or new jobs that arise throughout the working day.

…helps HR
With employees almost always away from the office, HR departments can have difficulty keeping track of working hours and practices. Fortunately, GPS tracking can help in many ways. 

Data on start and finish time and time spent on site can be used to automatically populate timesheets, saving time and improving the accuracy of payroll runs. Information gathered on driving styles also helps to implement safe driving policies and improve staff training.

…make every driver’s day
Anything that can help reduce distractions and save time will likely go down well with the people behind the wheel. 

GPS fleet tracking can be used to automate key processes such as the reporting of ETAs, delays and route changes, allowing your drivers to focus on the job at hand. Live traffic information is easily integrated into a GPS solution to help drivers avoid congestion and delays, while new job instructions can be sent directly to a driver’s device. 

What’s more, in the event of a customer complaint or incident on the road, dashcam footage and journey history data can help settle disputes and back up a driver’s version of events.

…masters maintenance
Vehicle downtime can be an enormous headache for fleet-reliant businesses, leading to disrupted service, unhappy customers and lost revenues. However, a GPS tracking solution makes it easy to take a proactive approach to maintenance, helping you keep your vehicles on the road. 

By monitoring driver behaviours, such as idling and speeding, you can coach out bad habits that may cause wear and tear on your engines. Use fleet data to create driver scorecards to reward top performers and incentivise others to improve – the better the driver, the higher the score. 

You can also use your fleet management solution to set reminders based on time or mileage whenever routine maintenance, servicing and part replacements are required. 

Fleet management technology – better for your business

The headline benefits of fleet management technology may initially grab attention. A comprehensive solution can help to save time and boost profitability, after all. 

But the many potential benefits of implementing such a solution stretch right across your business. When you get all your teams on board, our fleet management applications can help make everyone’s lives easier – every day. 

Want to know more? Read our latest eBook, Support your success – with fleet management tech, or arrange a free demo of the Verizon Connect solution. 

Holly Dempster

Holly is the Marketing Specialist for UK & Ireland, Verizon Connect. With 5 years' experience in the IT Sector and a Journalism degree, her passion lies in the power of content. Holly's focus areas to date include, Digital, Channel and Consultative Marketing.

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