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The many benefits of mobile fleet management

By Holly Dempster November 20, 2020

The modern office is often anywhere but the office. Particularly now, with more of us than ever working from home.

With a busy fleet out on the road, you need the tools to manage and monitor your operation from anywhere – with location data, job information, scheduling and dispatch right at your fingertips.

And remote management is just one of the many benefits of using mobile apps to run your fleet. With powerful apps at your disposal, you can communicate fast and clear, empower your drivers, reduce paperwork and more. Here’s how.

Get instant connectivity

With a full picture of your fleet in the palm of your hand, you’ll get instant connectivity with your mobile workforce as soon as you pick up your device.

Receive near real-time alerts on key events and behaviours and send field technicians critical job details, including location, instructions and customer information straight from the app.

Reduce paperwork

Mobile fleet management apps can help to reduce paperwork in a number of ways – while automatically creating an audit trail.

As well as sending job instructions to your remote workforce, they too can capture vital job information and send it back to HQ. Apps can be used to update customer notes, upload site photographs and capture client signatures in an instant, with no need for duplicated data entry or manual filing.

Empower your drivers

Increased autonomy is often linked to increased engagement and productivity. By equipping your drivers and field workers with a mobile app, you can empower them to take greater ownership of their day’s work.

With the right mobile app, your field workers can assign their own jobs based on location, accept, amend and refuse new jobs and check their performance against internal and industry benchmarks.

Get total convenience

If you’re looking for total convenience, it’s time you incorporated mobile apps into your fleet management.

All you need to access information and insight into your fleet (from location data to driver behaviour and customer details) is your mobile device. You can check it at home, in the office, the coffee shop, or anywhere else your work takes you.

There’s no need to carry paper files between HQ, site and home. Nor do you have to set up your laptop and find a Wi-Fi connection. Just open your device and find the information you need.

Improve accuracy and efficiency

Apps can remove the need for the manual collection and entry of data.

Many apps, in conjunction with a fleet management solution, can gather accurate location on arrival and departure time, time spent on site and the location of you mobile workers. As well as helping to improve the speed and accuracy of billing and invoicing, this information can also be used to back up staff in the event of a customer query or dispute.

Save time

With an app on your device, you’ve got instant access to the information you need, whenever and wherever you need it – within seconds.

There’s no need to contact the office or your drivers and no need to chase staff and colleagues to compile and send across reports. Simply open the app, grab the data you want and get on with your work.

There’s an app for that

Since the early 2000’s app stores have teamed with applications designed to help us to save time, stay organised and get things done. It makes sense that the very applications that have revolutionised the way we live can do the same for the way we work.

If you’re looking to work smart, improve processes, reduce paperwork and stay in control – there’s an app for that. See how you can do more with Verizon Connect’s suite of mobile apps.

Holly Dempster

Holly is the Marketing Specialist for UK & Ireland, Verizon Connect. With 5 years' experience in the IT Sector and a Journalism degree, her passion lies in the power of content. Holly's focus areas to date include, Digital, Channel and Consultative Marketing.

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