Out of hours: to track or not to track?


Picture this: You own a small business called ‘Build It Right’. Brian, one of your site workers, has a company van as part of his contract, which he is also allowed to use at evenings and weekends. Whilst Brian is very appreciative of this company perk, he doesn’t want his location to be known when he is using the vehicle outside of working hours – after all, Brian’s personal life is his own business.

Brian wants to be able to enjoy this benefit without feeling like he is under constant surveillance. So, how can his manager enable him to do this without making him feel like he’s always under the microscope?

Quite easily, in fact. Verizon Connect’s vehicle tracking solution can also support a privacy switch. Simply installed onto the dash of the vehicle, it allows your drivers to turn on a privacy mode when they are using the vehicle outside of working hours.

This additional feature scrambles the driver’s location but still records how far they’ve driven.

It might sound over-the-top but there are reasons why it’s a great feature to have, both for your drivers and your business. Here’s a couple:

  • For your driver, they want to know they aren’t being tracked when driving the vehicle in their own time. In order for the benefit to genuinely feel like one, the driver should be able to use the vehicle without worrying that everything they use it for is monitored by their manager or colleagues.
  • For your business, the privacy switch allows a clear division between business and private miles. You, the business owner can calculate business miles for each vehicle and claim them back whilst allowing your drivers to enjoy this benefit in kind.

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