Reduce unauthorised use with Immobilisation from Verizon Connect


The negative impact of unauthorised vehicle use for a company can be huge. Not only because of the loss of physical assets but also the time required to resume normal operations. Surprisingly, though, whilst almost third of fleet managers surveyed by Verizon Connect say that vehicle maintenance (31%) and rising fuel costs (29%) are a top concern, 29% believed (but couldn’t be certain) their vehicles were not being used without consent, or didn’t know altogether.

And with unauthorised use of company vehicles a key contributor to unexpected fuel costs and unnecessary wear and tear, how can fleet managers help to address these concerns?

With Immobilisation from Verizon Connect, businesses, like yours, can increase the security of vehicles whilst protecting fuel usage and reducing unnecessary wear and tear. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Immobilisation?

The Verizon Connect Immobilisation product allows admin users to safely and remotely disable a vehicle’s ignition from within the Reveal solution, helping to reduce unauthorised use and aid in vehicle recovery.

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Features and Benefits

  • Remote immobilisation: Remotely disable a vehicle’s ignition from the Reveal web or mobile app and prevent the vehicle from starting. This is extremely useful when you want to keep your fleet where it should be and decrease the chances of unauthorised use.
  • Status: View when the immobilisation request has been sent and is in progress and know when the vehicle is ‘locked’. This provides peace of mind that your vehicle is 100% immobilised and will not be started unless you make the request.
  • History: See the time and location that the vehicle was immobilised or mobilised. Then, understand the reason for the action and who requested it with a full audit trail from Verizon Connect.
  • Installation: Knowledgeable technicians professionally install Reveal’s tracking device and immobilisation kit so that your solution is wired correctly, and the risk of product faults is reduced.

Telematics and Immobilisation: All your vehicles under control

There’s a lot of evidence which suggests that a fleet management solution can improve the safety and security of your fleet and drivers, along with helping to increase fuel efficiency and productivity. But there’s more. With the immobilisation feature, you can further enhance the security of your fleet and work towards limiting unauthorised use. Fleet managers then ultimately gain additional control over assets vital to the smooth running of a business and help to prevent them ending up in the wrong hands.

If you’re looking to keep tabs on your vehicles’ location, decrease the risk of unauthorised use and gain peace of mind, visit our website and see how we could help.

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