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How fleet technology gets results

By Holly Dempster December 12, 2022

GPS fleet tracking has been delivering great results to fleet-reliant businesses for some time now. So much so that in the Fleet Technology Trends Report UK 2022, over two-thirds (68%) said that their GPS solution was very or extremely beneficial to their business.

A similar amount (71%) also said they realised positive ROI on the solution within a year of implementation. And that's not all. There are many more measurable benefits, too, with fleets reporting improved productivity (45%), customer service (44%) and reduced fuel costs (56%).

As fleet management technology advances, new and complementary systems are bringing about similar results. Fleets around the UK are improving safety and efficiency while reducing costs thanks to integrated video and asset tracking solutions.

Fleets boost safety with integrated video

Integrated video solutions help fleet-reliant businesses get an extra pair of eyes on the road. With in-cab dashcams and AI classification, fleet managers can view footage in seconds and take corrective action as required.

Easy access to this footage also helps to speed up investigation and support the driver's account in the event of an accident. But there are many more benefits, too.

Of the fleets surveyed with a video solution in place, 81% consider it to be very or extremely beneficial to their business. Having an unbiased witness on the road collecting valuable data has also helped fleets improve driver safety and reduce accident costs.

Costs fell elsewhere, too. Half of fleets with a video solution reported lower insurance costs, while 41% have improved protection from false claims.

Asset tracking closes gaps in fleet knowledge

GPS vehicle tracking is a powerful tool to help businesses monitor and manage their mobile workforce. But without tracking other vital parts of the fleet operation, it is not always easy to build a full picture and spot areas of inefficiency.

Asset tracking helps fleet managers keep an eye on everything from cranes and plant machinery to trailers and storage containers. By tracking thousands of assets from a single dashboard, fleet-reliant businesses report increased equipment safety and utilisation, as well as lower insurance costs.

Efficiency gains are commonplace, too. Almost two-thirds (59%) say asset tracking has improved driver and field worker productivity and 39% said it improved the productivity of management and office staff.

Such is the impact of asset tracking solutions that 82% believe theirs to be very or extremely beneficial to the running of their fleet.

See real-world results with Verizon Connect

With margins shrinking and customer expectations rising, any technology that can offer an advantage will understandably grab the attention of fleet-reliant businesses. That's why almost three-quarters (73%) of UK fleets have implemented a GPS tracking solution.

Many go one step further, complementing their tracking solution with integrated video, asset tracking, immobilisation, engine management and much more. On the whole, those with such systems in place report clear and measurable benefits in everything from efficiency and productivity to safety and service levels.

So, whether you need help eliminating waste, improving driver behaviour, or reducing costs, Verizon Connect has the tools to help you make smarter, more informed decisions. To find out more about our suite of applications, visit our solutions page. Or, arrange a free demo to see our many products in action.

Holly Dempster

Holly is the Marketing Specialist for UK & Ireland, Verizon Connect. With 5 years' experience in the IT Sector and a Journalism degree, her passion lies in the power of content. Holly's focus areas to date include, Digital, Channel and Consultative Marketing.

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