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Fleet management technology – how much could you do?

By Holly Dempster October 21, 2021

What is a fleet management solution? Most of us know what it used to be – a pulsing blip on a screen, allowing business owners to monitor the whereabouts of their vehicles.

But those days are long gone. Today, a fleet management solution can help you achieve much more. However, no two systems are the same. Each will have its own user experience, its own dashboards and portals and its own value-added features. And it is the latter that can really set one platform apart from another.

Comprehensive features like near real-time location data, intelligent dispatch and scheduling, proactive maintenance, and the ability to track events like speeding and idling are now just the starting point.

When you add more applications to your fleet management solution, you can monitor everything from vehicles and drivers to trailers, cranes and all manner of powered and non-powered equipment. And get eyes on the road when you need them most.

See it all with integrated video

Dashcams have quickly become a common sight on our roads, in both private and commercial vehicles. But the dashcam is just the starting point.

With an integrated video solution as part of your fleet management platform, footage taken on the road is automatically recorded and analysed, so you can get eyes on an incident without sifting through hours of footage. 

Over two-thirds of fleet managers have to wait between 30 minutes and six hours to access dashcam footage.

This footage, alongside data on location, route, speed, road conditions, helps you add context to any incident. With this information to hand, you can support drivers in liability claims, determine mitigating factors for harsh driving and coach improved behaviours based on real-world events.

Verizon Connect’s Dashcam solution gives you:

  • HD, commercial-grade camera for quality recordings
  • Wide sight lines for a potential full view of an event
  • Automated mobile and desktop alerts when new video footage is available
  • Automated analysis that notifies you of relevant footage within minutes
  • Video classification by severity backed by AI analytics
  • Access to video footage by request

Find out what you can do with Verizon Connect's Integrated Video

Keep tabs on everything everywhere with asset tracking

Most fleets use fleet management technology to monitor and manage their vehicles, but many are yet to realise the benefits of doing the same for their equipment and other assets.

An asset tracking solution helps you keep tabs on each vital part of your mobile operation. You can view the historical and near real-time location, status, and usage of your assets, from anywhere at any time.

An asset can be almost anything you deem it to be. Verizon Connect’s durable, weather-proof trackers can be installed on almost anything, from plant machinery and cranes, to trailers, containers and more.

66% of fleets do not track assets as well as vehicles.

With our asset tracking solution, you can:

  • Find assets fast: Get information on a single or group of assets. Search for a specific piece of equipment or browse current status and usage history in just a few clicks.
  • Never miss a thing: Cellular hardware lets you track your assets virtually anywhere. Monitor every piece of your operation – powered and non-powered.
  • Close gaps in your knowledge: Track every vital asset in your operation – vehicles, equipment, machinery and more – to decrease hidden inefficiencies.
  • Make faster decisions: Breadcrumb tracking locates your assets in near real-time. See the location of every asset, including current status and usage history.
  • Stay on top of maintenance: Track ‘on-hours’ for powered assets to help keep them serviced at appropriate intervals – helping to reduce the risk of failure and breakdown.

Discover the full features of Verizon Connect’s Asset Tracking solution

Get the full package with Verizon Connect

Fleet management technology is about much more than keeping tabs on your drivers and vehicles. With a broad and comprehensive solution in place, you can transform every aspect of your business, driving productivity, efficiency, safety and security across the board.

And integrated video and asset tracking are just two of the many additional features offered by Verizon Connect. Our suite of fleet management applications also includes powerful technology such as remote immobilisation, digital tachograph support and Engine Connect.

All are designed to help you build a complete picture of your fleet, so you can make faster, smarter business decisions.

Want to see what your business could look like with Verizon Connect? Book a free demo today.

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Holly is the Marketing Specialist for UK & Ireland, Verizon Connect. With 5 years' experience in the IT Sector and a Journalism degree, her passion lies in the power of content. Holly's focus areas to date include, Digital, Channel and Consultative Marketing.

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