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4 reasons to track your assets

By Holly Dempster March 20, 2020

Collecting, analysing and leveraging vital information about your fleet is one of the fleet manager’s most important tasks. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most challenging.

With a remote and often disparate mobile workforce, it’s not always easy to build a complete and accurate picture of your operation.

To effectively schedule, dispatch and utilise your vehicles, equipment, machinery and more, you need to know their location, usage and availability at all times.

A comprehensive asset tracking solution puts this information at your fingertips, helping you to make smart, fast business decisions.

If you’re not yet tracking your assets, here’s four reasons why it’s time to start.

Get full visibility of your fleet

When running a busy fleet, speed of decision making is key. You need to know precisely where your assets are and what they are doing.

An asset tracking solution gives you fast access to this information and more. 

Get location information on a single or group of assets or search for a specific piece of equipment.  As well as location, you can also view an asset’s current status and usage history in just a few clicks.

This information, alongside data collected on your vehicles, workers and job site, gives you complete visibility of your fleet, helping to boost efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Stay on top of maintenance

As every fleet manager knows, equipment breakdown can be devastating. As well as the financial impact of repair bills, replacement, and loss of revenue, there’s the disruption caused by downtime.

When you track every asset in your operation, you get vital insight into how often and how long equipment and machinery is used. This data can be harnessed to monitor whether all assets are regularly serviced and maintained.

With an asset tracking solution in place, you can set reminders based on date or usage hours to schedule vehicles, machinery and equipment for servicing and maintenance at regular intervals. Alerts can be sent to anyone in your organisation or to a third-party such as your authorised repairer.

This proactive approach to maintenance can help to improve performance and potentially extend the life of your vital assets.

Protect your high value assets

Unfortunately, plant theft is all too common. With high-value equipment and machinery often left out on-site, it’s not always easy to promote its safety.

Asset tracking technology can help. By placing geofences – virtual perimeters around real-world locations – you can check that your vehicles, equipment and machinery are used in authorised locations only.

Geofences can be used to keep things in, so you’ll know if an asset is removed from your depot or job site – or to keep things out of restricted areas. In the event of theft, location data can help in the recovery of stolen assets.

Geofences can also be used to monitor and decrease unauthorised personal use – helping to reduce unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment.

Increase efficiency 

With easy access to information on the location and usage of every one of your assets, it’s easy to spot poor performance or inefficiency across your mobile operation.

You can use this insight to identify underused equipment and machinery which may be better deployed elsewhere.

Tracking the usage of your equipment can also help to improve the speed and accuracy of your billing and invoicing process – potentially helping to increase profit margins.

Why track your assets with Verizon Connect

Asset tracking gives you complete visibility of your equipment, allowing you to confirm that your vital assets are exactly where they should be – helping to increase efficiency and protect against theft and unauthorised use.

Our asset tracking software is intuitive, easy-to-understand and compatible with most factory-fitted GPS trackers. The hardware is easy to install, long-life, fully weather-resistant and trackable via 2G, built-in cellular and GPS antenna.

With Verizon Connect’s Asset Tracking solution, you can…

  • Use geofences and warning notifications around powered assets to help prevent theft and unauthorised use
  • Use motion detection to take a proactive approach to maintenance
  • See the location of every asset including current status and usage history
  • Track all your assets— powered and non-powered
  • Track your assets anywhere with our cellular hardware
  • Locate your assets in near real-time with breadcrumb tracking
  • Help keep your fleet working with maintenance management and reporting

To discover asset tracking for yourself, click here to arrange a 15-minute demo.  

Holly Dempster

Holly is the Marketing Specialist for UK & Ireland, Verizon Connect. With 5 years' experience in the IT Sector and a Journalism degree, her passion lies in the power of content. Holly's focus areas to date include, Digital, Channel and Consultative Marketing.

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