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Vehicle Tracking Devices

The most obvious benefits of all GPS tracking devices is knowing where your company vehicles are located. However, there are many other advantages that come with implementing a tracking solution that will help you towards achieving your business goals.

More than just dots on a map, using a vehicle tracking system can help you reduce operating costs, increase the security and safety of your fleet, improve customer service and make it easier to seamlessly monitor and manage your mobile workforce.

Identify and prevent unauthorised use

Vehicle tracking software allows you to view and replay any journey made by your company vehicles. It is therefore easy to identify when unauthorised use is taking place. With GPS vehicle tracking devices you can set-up geofences within which vehicles are allowed to travel, as well as receive alerts whenever one diverts from these.

Reduce fleet fuel costs

Many GPS tracking systems have alerts that let you know when your vehicles are idling unnecessarily or speeding. Decreasing this avoidable driver behaviour could reduce your fuel costs considerably. You can also better-plan journeys for your drivers to ensure the most optimal routes are taken each time.

Verizon Connect alerts identify instances of unauthorised vehicle activity, idling or excessive speeding occur, as well as notifying you of the nearest available driver for the next job.

Reduce labour costs

Some tracking devices have the timecard function so that you can ensure your drivers are paid correctly. The Verizon Connect Hours Worked Report provides you with vehicle-on hours, actual start/finish times, average daily hours and more. Furthermore, timecard reporting can make sure the hours worked are the hours paid and reduce all of the unnecessary paperwork.

Increase productivity

If you would like to get more work done while your drivers are on the road, your GPS vehicle tracker needs to have the ‘Find Nearest Vehicle’ feature. When a job comes up during the day, you can use our GPS fleet tracking software to find your closest worker. Adding just three extra jobs a week could increase your bottom line significantly.

Vehicle GPS systems can minimise wasted time on jobs, boost workforce productivity and ultimately reduce downtime.

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