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Exceptional Benefits for Exceptional Kangaroo Island Tours From GPS Vehicle Tracking

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Once we had Verizon Connect REVEAL in place, I went to our insurance company and proved that the risk of our vehicles being stolen and not being recovered had reduced remarkably because we have vehicle tracking. They came back with a 10% reduction in premium.
Craig Wickham
Exceptional Kangaroo Tours

Exceptional Kangaroo Tours have been in operation since 1990. Their team of enthusiastic guides arrange small group wildlife tours, luxury private touring and special interest programs that are designed to explore the best the island has to offer.

Kangaroo Island is a bushfire prone area. Craig Wickham, owner of Exceptional Kangaroo Tours, implemented vehicle tracking to help protect his staff and guests from potential fire hazards.

“Vehicle tracking was an obvious way to enhance the safety of our staff and guests. As soon as we found cost effective tracking technology, Reveal, we put it in play,” said Craig Wickham, Owner, Exceptional Kangaroo Tours.

Immediate Dispatch in an Emergency

Exceptional Kangaroo Tours can now keep track of their entire fleet in real time via the live map. In the event of an emergency, the nearest vehicle can be located and dispatched immediately.

“We’ve had instances where we had a vehicle break down and while being off site, I was able to get on Reveal and send an empty tour bus to their location for back up and rescue. So, from the guest service perspective, they thought that was amazing, suddenly within minutes, a replacement bus turned up to carry on the tour!”

Route Replay: Useful Insights for Team Training

Reveal gets regularly used by Exceptional Kangaroo Tours in training situations too. The route replay function provides useful insights into historical routes. This helps Exceptional Kangaroo Tours improve their productivity levels, by completing tours in a timely manner.

“We’ve seen benefits in Reveal from a training perspective where there has been consistency in itineraries. We can do a replay on a whole series of tours and see how long people are spending in any particular location. If people are running behind on a tour, we can identify exactly where they are spending more time than the average. Then we can say, you can pick up 10 minutes there, 5 minutes there and that will get you back on track. So, that’s really good!”

Fuel Efficient Routes = Cost Effective Tours

With Reveal, Exceptional Kangaroo Tours can pull up reports to help identify which drivers are costing the business more fuel on travel routes.

“It’s very easy to analyse the data and see which guys are putting in much longer days than others. We can talk to the drivers and say, ‘look, I think it’s great you’re putting in big days for the guests, but from a sustainability and cost perspective, we need to rein that in a bit.”

Reveal: The Saving Grace

There are times where a guest may complain to their hotel claiming that not all sites were visited on the tours. This can have a detrimental impact on Exceptional Kangaroo Tours relationship with hotel providers.

Now with Reveal, Exceptional Kangaroo can reinforce their award winning tours with data. They can confirm the entire journey was travelled, including which sites were visited and the time spent at each site.

“We had clients that were complaining about the tour, saying our guides didn’t stop at certain sites. Previously, we would have to try and get the guide in and spend a lot of time writing up a trip report. But now, I can just send the hotel a PDF of the replay of the day to prove what happened. This one case, I got a very pleasant note back from the General Manager of the hotel saying, ‘thanks very much, that’s perfect, love your work.”

Reduction in Insurance Premium

Prior to GPS vehicle tracking, Exceptional Kangaroo Tours thought they did all they could to reduce costly insurance premiums. Once Reveal vehicle tracking was implemented, to their surprise, the insurance company reduced their premiums by 10%.*

“Once we had Reveal in place, I went to our insurance company and proved that the risk of our vehicles being stolen and not being recovered had reduced remarkably because we have vehicle tracking. They came back with a 10% reduction in premium.”

Reveal: “…Obviously Worth it”

Reveal has become an integral part of Exceptional Kangaroo Tours business. What started as a search for increased safety, subsequently resulted in implementing a GPS vehicle tracking system that added further value to the business.

“We saw a return on investment straight away. It’s obviously worth it otherwise I wouldn’t continue,” said Craig Wickham, Owner, Exceptional Kangaroo Tours, SA.

*Using Reveal does not necessarily result in a reduction in insurance rates. Reductions in insurance rates are determined by the insurer.

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