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Keep Your Enterprise Fleet Up To Speed With A GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution

By Taylor Fasulas February 2, 2020

Ask fleet owners about where to reduce costs and the most common response will be fuel. It’s not surprising considering fuel costs are one of the biggest operating expenses for an enterprise fleet.

But if you’re only looking at reducing fuel costs you’ll miss out on additional costs, such as labour and maintenance costs, that can help cut back on operating expenses.  

GPS vehicle tracking gives businesses visibility of their fleet, in near real time, to help reduce business costs.

Below is how implementing a GPS tracking solution can help reduce fleet costs:

  • Improving driver safety and reducing liability:
    Managers can proactively monitor behaviour that can increase the probability of a driver causing an accident using driver safety scorecards.

  • Maximising asset utilisation:
    Fleet managers can look at how individual vehicles are being driven and then balance the capacity and utilisation of the vehicles to help reduce the kilometres driven, as well as the wear and tear.

  • Reducing direct labour costs:
    When you’re managing a mobile workforce you face the challenge of knowing how your employees are spending their time. Fleet managers can see trips taken including stops during the day in a simple way to see how efficient workers are being with their time, and where opportunities exist for improvement.

  • Reducing vehicle downtime with condition-based maintenance:
    Minimising vehicle downtime is about heeding the time-tested advice of ‘prevention is better than a cure’. The trouble is, most fleet managers only know there’s a problem when a vehicle breaks down and by then it’s often too late to avoid the cost and inconvenience.


Find out how our gps tracking system for enterprise fleets gives you the visibility you need to help reduce fleet costs!

Taylor Fasulas

A regular contributor, on a mission to help businesses of all sizes, overcome challenges associated with managing fleets.

Tags: Revenue & ROI, Vehicle & Asset Security, Productivity & Efficiency, Routing, Safety, Vehicle Maintenance

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