Fleet and asset tracking for construction and heavy equipment

Fleet and asset tracking for construction and heavy equipment

Take control of your fleet with GPS tracking for construction equipment.

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A total fleet solution for your hardworking assets

When you manage a fleet of vehicles and heavy equipment in construction, you have to know where everything is and what it’s doing at all times. Verizon Connect offers a heavy equipment monitoring solution that provides an all-encompassing solution for vehicles, drivers and assets.

Key benefits

  • Better visibility for managing multiple job sites and resources
  • More accurate billing
  • More effective tools for safer driving behaviour
  • Increased equipment uptime
  • Improved asset security

Visibility for productivity

Know where your vehicles and equipment are

Idle or underutilised crews and machines cost you money. With heavy equipment fleet management, you can see what’s happening and where it’s happening to make more informed resource decisions.

  • Locate crews easily
  • Find your assets and reallocate when needed
  • Track vehicles and powered or nonpowered assets

Job and worker management

Track work hours for improved payroll and customer billing

With the data provided by GPS tracking for construction equipment, you can capture work hours automatically—and more accurately—so your business operates on better data.

  • Increase customer billing accuracy
  • Help ensure accurate, timely payroll
  • Get daily reports that show arrival and departure times


Get ahead of accidents, rising insurance costs and customer issues

The safe operation of your construction fleet is vital to your business and your reputation. Construction equipment telematics can help you proactively address issues before they become bigger problems.

  • Coach drivers based on data
  • Get speeding alerts and summary reports
  • Review dashcam footage for support
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Asset utilisation

Use one system to monitor equipment and engine hours

With the improved visibility that comes from a heavy-equipment monitoring solution, you have the data you need to make smarter decisions about how equipment gets utilised.

  • Stay informed with utilisation reports
  • Help avoid unnecessary equipment rentals
  • Bid and bill jobs more accurately
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Increase your equipment uptime

Unexpected breakdowns can lead to missed deadlines, lost revenue and unhappy customers. Construction equipment telematics can keep you up to date on maintenance needs and help you schedule proactive service more efficiently.


Help prevent unauthorised use and theft

High-value assets in the field are attractive targets. With GPS tracking for construction equipment, you can be alerted to unauthorised operation any time of day or night.

  • Set geographic boundaries with geofences
  • Establish allowable operating hours for each job
  • Get instant alerts for any unauthorised movement day or night
  • Track utilisation with customisable dashboards

Case study

See how JLM Civil Works uses Reveal to see their entier fleet in near real time.

One guy tried to tell me he was at a stop for 20 minutes, but looking at the live map he was there for 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Shammi Mohan