Protect your government fleet with telematics

Protect your government fleet with telematics

Reliable fleet management solutions for government GPS tracking.

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Add visibility and accountability for your government fleet

It’s a challenge to run a safe and responsive government fleet that makes the most of your resources. Our government GPS tracking solution makes it easy to track vehicles, help improve your operations, monitor driver behaviour and keep up with vehicle maintenance.

Key benefits

  • Improve response times with greater vehicle visibility
  • Be more efficient with resources and help reduce expenses
  • Coach drivers to help reduce harsh driving and accidents
  • Monitor vehicle maintenance and plan for downtime


Monitor driver behaviors to promote safety

Use driver data to help reduce harsh driving in your government fleet. Coach workers on safer habits, keep track of unnecessary idling and help reduce accidents.

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Drive improved operations in your government fleet

With improved fleet data comes a more efficient fleet. Plan for better routes, run vehicle utilisation reports and better understand how all of your resources are being used.


Track vehicle maintenance and trouble codes

Our government tracking system allows you to set up preventative maintenance schedules and receive alerts according to engine hours, date or mileage. Receive diagnostic trouble codes, help reduce unexpected and costly breakdowns, and extend the life of your current assets.

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Asset tracking

Protect your high-value assets

Fleet tracking isn’t just for vehicles. Strengthen asset security by monitoring movements and engine activity for expensive assets like heavy machinery and generators. Keep tabs on their location and run utilisation reports to help improve how you use existing resources.

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Case study

Vehicle Tracking Results In Higher Level Of Productivity Across Fleet

Reveal is most definitely a great product and we’re already seeing the benefits; it has helped us find where our vehicles truly are, and can prioritise which vehicles need to be serviced.

Cathy Druschky
Verizon Connect Customer

Nonprofit and home healthcare

Nonprofit and home healthcare organisations

Help provide proof of service by tracking time on location, and improve vehicle visibility for non-profit organisations and social agencies. Manage driver behaviour and help mitigate risk with dashcams.

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