Advanced GPS fleet tracking software

Advanced GPS fleet tracking software

Monitor and manage your mobile workforce with ease.

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See your vehicles on the live map

Know what’s happening out on the field. Easily see your vehicles at a glance. See your team’s location in near real-time.

Help reduce costs and save money

Reduce fuel-wasting driver behaviour, such as speeding and idling. Control labour costs with improved tracking of hours worked.

View the status and activity of all your vehicles

High-resolution maps to:

  • Help reduce fuel consumption
  • Curb unsafe driving habits
  • Help reduce high payroll costs
  • Get to customers faster

Analyse your fleet's performance over time

See important trends by team, department or across the entire fleet. Our customisable dashboards make it easy to review your progress towards KPIs or budgets, with up-to-the-minute fleet analytics provided by our fleet solution.

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Get the support you need

From planning through implementation, integration and training, we’re dedicated to helping you improve your results, your ROI and your bottom line.

Help your team improve their driving habits

Use in-cab alerts to help drivers perform at their best. Drivers can also compete for positions on the company leaderboard by driving safely, economically and efficiently.

Spotlight mobile app

Our GPS fleet tracking mobile app allows you to take your business wherever you go.1 View vehicles and assets on a live map, locate a driver, see vehicle activity and route history, and receive alerts on driver behaviours.

Frequently asked questions

Technology doesn't really like me. Is it easy to use?

We work hard to make our software nice to look at, user friendly and focused on helping you get stuff done. When you join us we guide you every step of the way with our new user onboarding program and access to lots of training guides if you need them.

We also have local support teams who can assist you, either over the phone or via email.

Will I need expensive computer hardware?

No. The great thing with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is that all you need is a computer that can connect to the internet running a modern browser.

You can even use just your Android or Apple device to access key information about your fleet vehicles and today’s jobs.

Will I be checking reports at my desk all day?

Only if you want to. Our software offers plenty of options for managers on the go including mobile apps and alerts that go directly to your phone. You’ll have quick access to a range of key information about your fleet’s current performance, wherever your day takes you.

What sets you apart from other providers?

We’re GPS leaders in Australia and New Zealand. Our solution is designed to help reduce your operating costs and ultimately provide a return on investment, with software that pays for itself. We have over 300 developers in Christchurch, dedicated to the ANZ region, working tirelessly to improve and update our solutions. As we continuously upgrade our software, our customers reap the benefits of access to an ever-growing suite of functionalities. Plus, with a local support team, we are ready to help, if you ever have a question about our solution.

How will my drivers react to GPS tracking?

In most cases it depends on the reasons why you want to use it, and how you explain it to them. If you want to use it to improve the efficiency, security and safety of your business, and help mobile workers to get more done, with less paperwork and phone calls, then most employees will understand that. They’ll also appreciate you’re making an effort to keep the business profitable and improving their job security. If they think it’s been done because you don’t trust them then they may not be as welcoming.

What if my needs change?

We understand that as your business grows our software needs to adapt. Our flexible platform and access to the full range of mobile resource management products makes it easy to add solutions over time.

Simply contact your customer success manager and discuss your new requirements.

What GPS tracking hardware can be supplied?

We supply standard GPS tracking units that are wired directly into the tracked asset, allowing the device to be hidden to help prevent tampering as well as being compatible with vehicles or equipment that don’t have an OBD port.


Manager dashboard

Managers can get an overview of driver behaviour and trends that can be drilled into by team or individual. View by hours or Kilometres.

Prompt alerts

Set custom alerts for your drivers based on speeding, idling, harsh braking, and more. Want drivers to slow down in the rain or snow? Trigger a lower-limit speeding alert when the vehicle wipers are active.

Fuel card tracking

Track fuel card usage and automatically identify suspicious transactions using smart algorithms that help identify and reduce fuel card fraud.

Safe driving feature

Promote safe driving behaviour from basic compliance and vehicle maintenance to near real-time coaching and speeding alerts.

Time on site

Measure actual time spent at a worksite. Improve the accuracy of job costing, productivity, benchmarking and planning resource requirements.

Route history

Replay your vehicles ‘route history for specific dates and follow the actual routes taken by driver. Show specific events, such as speeding or stops, and compare drivers’ performance.

Protect against false claims

Defend your team against false liability claims by verifying their location, safe driving or vehicle movement with accurate GPS data.

Idle management

Monitor and minimise unnecessary idling to reduce fuel spend.

Driver ID

Find training opportunities by analyzing driver behaviour over time. Each driver gets a unique key fob, required for each journey.

Maintenance scheduling

Track vehicle maintenance to easily generate alerts for your own service department or local dealer.

Reliable ETA's

Deliver amazing customer service that drives new business through loyalty and referrals with monitored ETA’s in real time. Offer cost-effective ETA’s and tight time windows.

Emergency Dispatch

Quickly locate and dispatch the nearest mobile worker with the right skills and the vehicle for the job.

What happened here?

Easily replay historical events to improve the speed and efficiency of internal investigations for damage claims or accidents.

Faster Routes

More than 50% faster than traditional route building tools. Evaluate more options in less time to find the very best routes.

Asset tracking

Monitor and manage all types of mobile equipment to help improve safety, security and utilisation. AEMP-compatible.

Powerfully simple

Never miss a thing with patented technology that cleverly groups nearby assets. Simplify management of even large fleets and see critical fleet data at a glance.

Job costing tools

Factor in all associated costs when calculating routes - fixed and per-Kilometre, labour and overtime.

Smartphone and tablet friendly

Compatible with most popular smartphones and tablets to minimise hardware costs and improve usability for mobile workers.

Work order management

Use GPS location to navigate between jobs, prioritise work orders based on proximity or help dispatch and allocate resources efficiently.

Leaderboard motivation

Drivers can compete for bragging rights or rewards with leaderboard positions based on safe driving scores.

Mobile app

Use our mobile app to view vehicles and assets on a live map, locate a driver, see vehicle activity and route history, and receive alerts on driver behaviours.