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Improved Scheduling Helps Building Supplier Increase Productivity & Keep Customers Happy

Whatever you’re looking at getting for scheduling and dispatch, compare it to Verizon Connect as the benchmark.
Theo Anagnostellis

Onsite Timber provides building materials and supplies to businesses all over Sydney. Onsite Timber offers great customer service through providing reliable delivery to their customers. Onsite Timber helps meet their customers’ urgent needs by also offering same day delivery. This has helped Onsite Timber build a loyal customer base. 

In order to offer same day delivery, Onsite Timber needs to provide their drivers with access to customer details and delivery information as quickly and easily as possible. Onsite Timber previously used a manual system of magnets on a whiteboard and pigeon holes for each driver to achieve same day delivery. That caused them many delays and problems. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts with different electronic job scheduling providers, Onsite Timber switched to Verizon Connect. Ever since this switch, they’ve been happy with a more effective scheduling and dispatch solution.

A User Friendly System Is Key

The first thing Onsite Timber noticed was how much easier Verizon Connect’s job scheduling software was to use than anything they’d tried before. “Compared to other systems, it’s a lot more user friendly.” - Theo Anagnostellis, Owner.

Theo can now see every job for every driver on one screen and the different job stages in near real-time. He can also edit customer details whenever he needs to on the display page which has made things a lot easier. 

“It’s making us more efficient. Which is what every business wants. More efficient means more capacity. More capacity means you can make more money.” - Theo Anagnostellis, Owner.

More Visibility Means Less Customer Disputes

Onsite Timber has reduced customer disputes by improving their visibility of what’s happening on the road and at each job. Every driver now takes a photo of the delivered goods and simply attaches it to the job on their mobile apps. 

If a customer calls Onsite Timber saying something wasn’t delivered, the office team can look at the job details, see the photo and know what was and wasn’t delivered to help the customer.

“Having the photos that the drivers can take on site saves you big time.” - Theo Anagnostellis, Owner.

GPS Integration Saves Time & Helps Improve Customer Service

Another key upside for Onsite Timber is that Verizon Connect Reveal Field integrates seamlessly with GPS tracking. Now Onsite Timber can quickly and accurately tell customers precisely how far away a job is.

“Being able to flick between the live map and the scheduler is gold” - Theo Anagnostellis, Owner.

A True Benefit To The Business

Onsite Timber loves how easy to use Verizon Connect Reveal Field is. Theo has seen first-hand how it helps his company dispatch and schedule jobs more efficiently, and he firmly believes it has helped his customer relationships.

“Whatever you’re looking at getting for scheduling and dispatch, compare it to Verizon Connect as the benchmark.” - Theo Anagnostellis, Owner.

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