Reduce fleet expenses

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Cut costs, not corners

We help you find untapped savings in your fleet operation and make smart adjustments to keep more of what you earn. It’s software that strives to pay for itself-and a whole lot more.

Shrink fuel spending

Shrink fuel spending

Lower your annual fuel bill by reducing excessive idling, speeding and driving times with Verizon Connect. Use our integrated fuel cards to track driving behaviours and vehicle performance-down to individual drivers and trucks-reducing fuel consumption and eliminating unauthorised fill-ups.

Reduce costly repairs

Reduce costly repairs

Implement money-saving smart maintenance schedules and steer clear of expensive breakdowns with vehicle service solutions by Verizon Connect. Our advanced engine diagnostics and instant mileage reporting help you form proactive maintenance plans and only pay for repairs when they’re necessary.

Trim overtime hours

Trim overtime hours

Cut down on inefficient overtime expenses with software designed to manage workers more effectively. Predict upcoming workloads and assign team members appropriately to avoid over- or understaffing. Improve driver routes with advanced time card reports that provide important details about driver deliveries and behaviours.

Evaluate your assets

Reduce fleet expenses by investing in the equipment that brings you a better rate of return. View detailed Asset Utilisation reports from Verizon Connect to see which items of your fleet are working hard-and which aren’t-and adjust your inventory accordingly.

Reduce equipment rentals

Don’t rent expensive equipment because you can’t locate what you own. Our GPS tracking with near real-time status keeps you aware of all your assets.

Eliminate installation fees

We have exclusive partnerships with a growing number of commercial fleet vehicle manufacturers, so the GPS hardware you need can often come pre-installed.

Bypass new hardware

Our software is designed to sync with the smartphones and tablets you already own, reducing the need to train staff or purchase additional devices.

Right-size your assets

Use our utilisation reports to make better use of the equipment you own. Sell off rarely used assets and scale back on daily maintenance costs.

Pare the paperwork

Cut down on operational expenses, and paperwork-induced headaches, by converting many of your forms and hard-copy records to electronic documents. They’re not only easier to create, complete, send and store, but they shave costs in several ways.

Save on stationery

Spend less on forms, pens, clipboards and other paper-based expenses. Convert to a digital workflow and reduce overhead while improving accuracy.

Streamline forms

Save time finding, filling out and delivering paper forms. Digital forms are stored right on your mobile device, ready to use at a moment’s notice.

Quick, accurate data entry

Spare yourself the time-consuming task of deciphering hand-written forms. Use electronic forms to get info right and send it directly to your database.

Pre-fill location fields

Use real-time location data to autofill forms. Worker arrivals and departures automatically appear in timesheets, billing and delivery confirmations.

Prevent traffic violations

Prevent traffic violations

Help avoid speeding tickets and other moving violations that can raise your insurance rates with Verizon Connect compliance solutions. Ease the burden of responsibility for each driver with coaching tools that help them obey the law and comply with all relevant mandates, such as hours of service (HOS) and vehicle inspections (DVIR).

Lower insurance premiums

Lower insurance premiums

Help reduce your insurance premiums with Verizon Connect solutions. Our history reports provide proof of your safety driving record, making sure improvements are reflected in your insurance rates. Use GPS fleet tracking to locate stolen vehicles, increase your chances for recovery and reduce insurance claim costs.

Save on IT

Save on IT

Help slash your technology service expenses with SaaS solutions from Verizon Connect. Our cloud-based software handles all your data processing and storage on secure web servers, so you don’t need to pay a bundle on several third-party services.