We can help you maximise your return on investment

Verizon Connect offers you all of the fleet management information you’ll need to meet the challenges of your business, from white papers to ROI calculators. For more on how we can respond to your specific situation, contact us today.

Reduce fleet expenses

Learn how your company can minimise fleet costs, reduce miles, lower labor costs, improve asset utilisation and more with Verizon Connect.

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Satisfy your customers

Verizon Connect can help improve customer service with technology to meet special requirements, accommodate changing delivery schedules, manage delays and more.

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Boost asset safety and security

Our software helps promote fleet safety with emergency alerts, notifications for unsafe areas, tools to correct unsafe behaviour and speeding, automatic records of driving hours and more.

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Make hardware easy

Whether your fleet’s hardware is direct from the factory or will need aftermarket installation, Verizon Connect provides your company with technical support for mobile devices, accessories and GPS integration.

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Enhance productivity

Our software helps you improve fleet productivity with fleet monitoring to help identify idle assets, improve maintenance scheduling and quickly adapt to last-minute changes.

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Improve fuel efficiency

Verizon Connect helps reduce fuel costs and improve fuel management. Our software supports your fleet by educating drivers, minimizing engine wear, identifying unnecessary idling and more.

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