Greg Lake, General Manager, E & S Trading

E & S Trading Improve Fleet Performance by Increased Productivity and Safety

E & S Trading has been successfully operating for more than 50 years and is one of Victoria's oldest family-owned specialist kitchen, bathroom and laundry retailers.

After installing Verizon Connect REVEAL, E & S Trading finally had access to near real-time vehicle tracking data to help manage driver behaviour and maintenance resulting in a higher level of productivity and safe driving habits across their fleet.

Live Map Feature Saves 100K Of Company Assets

In an unfortunate situation E & S Trading had one of its company vehicles stolen from its warehouse. Verizon Connect REVEAL’s live map feature allowed E & S Trading to quickly locate and retrieve the $80,000 vehicle which also contained $20,000 worth of stock on board.

Greg Lake, General Manager at E & S Trading explains the situation:

“One of our workers was walking through the warehouse and saw the door was up and a truck was missing. He rang the warehouse manager, who was at home and he flipped his laptop open, and the two guys at the warehouse jumped into the ute and, via his directions, he led them to where the truck was.”

E & S Trading gained attention across Australia with media interested in their story and how Verizon Connect REVEALs vehicle tracking assisted them to retrieve 100k of company assets.

Vehicle Maintenance Made Easy with Verizon Connect REVEAL

E & S Trading benefits from the service and maintenance reminders that Verizon Connect REVEAL has to offer. They help E & S Trading ensure there is always a well-maintained and reliable vehicle on the road by setting up alerts regarding routine maintenance.

“We use the system to monitor the fleet servicing records of each vehicle and have drivers and ourselves prompted with alerts to follow up on vehicles that are due for service” says Greg Lake.

Now with the help of Verizon Connect REVEAL, E & S Trading have access to near real-time vehicle tracking data to help manage vehicle maintenance! Most importantly, they can reduce the risk of losing productivity from multiple vehicles being off the road for routine servicing.

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Visibility of Driver Activity Eliminates Disputes

Without GPS vehicle tracking, E & S Trading did not know if their drivers were practising poor habits, such as speeding or hard cornering.

“We had one incident where a driver had been reported doing 60-80 km in a 40km zone. We were able to go back see that they were doing 68km in a 40 zone – and since we haven’t had any more problems” explains Greg Lake.

Further, if complaints were made about their employees driving styles, they had no accurate data to prove it wasn’t their driver.

“We use the route replay feature if we have a customer complaint. We can verify that the truck that we think it was, was at that location, or in fact, identify which truck it was at that location” explains Greg Lake.

E & S Trading can pull reports and even replay routes of their entire fleet on Verizon Connect REVEAL using their fleet management software to understand the driver behaviour of each vehicle.

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