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5 small business timesavers

By Taylor Fasulas November 16, 2017

When you are running a small business, time is at a premium. Any way at all to shave off 5 or 10 minutes here and there to keep the day moving can be a godsend. Here are five great ways to do just that…

1 – Plan!

One surefire way to waste a whole lot of time is to rush headlong into your day before you’ve had a chance to get your bearings and understand what needs to be done. Therefore, the first thing to do is lay out your plan for the day with timed objectives and a clear end-goal.

2 – Prioritise!

Once you know what you need to do, it’s time to decide in what order to do it. You should prioritise tasks in order of both urgency and importance. If all tasks are equally critical, then consider doing your least favourite tasks first to incentivise getting them done. 

3 – Track! 

There’s no point making a plan if you don’t stick it. Therefore, it pays to keep a running track of where you are in relation to the objectives you set out at the beginning of the day. It is also a good idea to keep a note of how long regular tasks take to help you plan better in the future.

4 – Organise!

Organisation is a real timesaver. Think how long you spend each day sifting through files or searching your inbox for an important email or document. Get into the habit of filing paperwork as it comes in and assigning emails to their relevant folders and you can make wasted search time a thing of the past!

5 – Break!

It is vital that you take a break during the day – not least to save your sanity! As the day drags on, our concentration levels dip and tasks take longer to complete. As little as fifteen minutes away from your desk can help reinvigorate the brain and help keep you focused.

Taylor Fasulas

A regular contributor, on a mission to help businesses of all sizes, overcome challenges associated with managing fleets.

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