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NRL Grand Final: Post Game Analysis

By Taylor Fasulas February 2, 2020

Whether you’re celebrating the Sharks first-ever premiership or you’re drowning in sorrow over Storm’s loss, there’s no doubt Sunday’s grand final left lots to talk about!

Much like business owners managing drivers on the road, a post-game analysis can help see where things went wrong or what worked well. 

Check out our snapshot below of key post NRL grand final stats and see how the Sharks and Storm’s would have fared, if they were behind the wheel of your company vehicle. 


The more errors made on the field, the more fuel players burned. 

Similarly, the more errors your drivers make on the road, such as needlessly idling company vehicles, the more fuel is burned. 

Players and drivers reducing errors on the field and road, helps eliminate fuel burn. 

We couldn’t help Storm or Sharks players reduce fuel burn, but we can help your business reduce fuel burn!


Dangerous play on the field resulted in some unwanted penalties. 

Drivers behaving dangerously on the road, such as speeding or aggressively driving, can also result in unwanted penalties…in the form of fines and fuel wastage. 

Reducing the risk of penalties, will only help your business keep profits high. Just like eliminating opposing penalties on the field, helps players keep scores high!

Find out how our product can help reduce dangerous play on the road and score high!


The higher the number of metres each run accumulated, the better the chances each team had to score. 

Now, do your employees All Run Metres submitted on manual time sheets match actual hours worked? 

Did you know our product can help verify start runs and finish runs, reducing payroll costs?

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