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How Traffic Companies Can Benefit From A GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution

By Taylor Fasulas July 9, 2018

Managing a traffic management and control business can be time consuming and costly.

Did you know the right traffic management system can help reduce the amount of money coming out of your pocket each month. The amount of fuel wasted, overpaying wages, and how you keep track of it all, can make a huge difference when it comes to your ongoing expenses.

To help you get a grip on such expenses, here are four ways traffic companies can benefit from a GPS vehicle tracking solution:

Reduce labour costs
If your timesheets aren’t accurate — even if it’s just by small increments — you’re simply giving away money that should be going into your pocket.

Think about this, your employees are at a construction site to help manage the traffic around the area. The site shuts down 30 minutes earlier that day and you have 5 workers there who leave 30 minutes early. That’s 2.5 hours of work your paying for that you don’t need to!

Stop fuel abuse
If your worker has the company ute and personal car sitting in the driveway after hours, its too easy to choose the company’s ute (and company fuel) for an outing – instead of their own.

As a fleet owner, fuel can be an enormous and ever fluctuating cost, and one that’s hard to control — let alone to predict.

Find the right solution for your business with our free Fleet Management Buyer’s Guide.

Better driver behaviour
Do you know how well (or how poorly) your individual workers perform on the roads?

Idling is not the only bad habit that will keep your fuel bills high — speeding and sharp acceleration all take their toll too — as well as adding significant wear and tear to your vehicles.

Improve day to day operations
When it comes to your day-to-day operations — do you have tiring manual processes in place which could be automated?

Relying on manual processes can be extremely time consuming, and unnecessarily so. Just imagine how much extra time would be saved if you didn’t need to check your staff’s handwritten timesheets and then enter their hours into a payroll system.

We can help improve fleet productivity with our GPS vehicle tracking solution to help you better utilise assets, reduce labour costs, stop fuel abuse, ensure better driver behaviour and improve day to day operations. Find out how our platform gives your traffic company the visibility you need to get more done!

Taylor Fasulas

A regular contributor, on a mission to help businesses of all sizes, overcome challenges associated with managing fleets.

Tags: Revenue & ROI, Vehicle & Asset Security, Cost Control, Productivity & Efficiency

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