The Technology You Need to Ensure Your Truck Drivers Safety


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be psychic? Some aspects would be pretty cool. You’d always have the winning lottery numbers (although you wouldn’t abuse that power … too much); you’d be able to tell if your kids were lying about how Great Grandma’s vase got broken; and you’d know, before taking a bite and burning your mouth, that a pizza was still too hot to eat (although you may fall victim to temptation anyway).

Of course, being psychic wouldn’t be all fun and games. You might not enjoy reading people’s minds all the time, especially if they’re thinking rotten things about you, and sometimes the future is actually better when it’s a mystery; would you really want to know the outcome of every single sporting event or movie in advance?

So maybe psychic powers aren’t the answer, but there’s no denying certain parts of life would be easier if you had a way of being all-seeing and all-knowing.

For example, when your drivers get in work vehicles and drive off, you’re assuming (and hoping, and praying) that everything goes off without a hitch – that they’re driving safely, giving other drivers and pedestrians right-of-way, obeying traffic signals and stop signs, not speeding, braking carefully, etc. But you’re not actually psychic, of course. So how do you know for sure whether your drivers are obeying safety protocols?

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Unfortunately, you don’t – unless you have a secret weapon: GPS vehicle tracking, an all-seeing, all-knowing device that helps fleet owners and managers know what’s happening on every trip, every step of the way.

The tool tracks each driver and vehicle from start up to shut down. As drivers travel to jobsites, the tracker collects information on how long the engine is on, how long it idles, how fast the driver goes, whether he or she drives or brakes aggressively, the route he or she takes, when the driver arrives at a job, and when he or she leaves.

All this data is stored in an Internet repository, but it doesn’t just get collected and go away until you dig it up. Our fleet vehicle management software sends near real-time alerts to managers’ devices if it detects a driver speeding, idling too long, braking hard or driving aggressively – meaning managers can take immediate action to stop these unsafe behaviours before they damage company vehicles or cause an accident.

And when you need to sit down and look at the big picture – vehicle events over the course of weeks, months or even years – that stored data comes in handy. With a few clicks, you can create reports based on driver activity and see who has a history of driving unsafely or idling a long time, providing hard data for driver training sessions (or, in the case of a real dud, a termination).

GPS vehicle tracking can’t show you everything that happens behind the wheel but it can provide a complete picture of how your employees drive, helping to maintain safety and reduce vehicle wear and tear.

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