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Benefits of GPS Trailer Tracking for Your Business

By Jackson Hand December 15, 2020

Cargo theft continues to be a thorn in the side for business owners worldwide. Australia and New Zealand are no exception (1). Thefts have serious consequences for businesses—not just financially, but also in terms of damaged brand reputation and reduced customer loyalty, for example.

Clearly, the action is needed to address the issue—this is where GPS tracking devices for trailers come in. Tracking trailers using a GPS fleet management system can help reduce theft or unauthorised use, help protect your cargo, and help enhance asset utilisation. 

Let’s explore what trailer tracking devices do, why they’re important and the benefits for your business.

Why implement trailer tracking solutions?

The financial implications of theft for transport companies are significant. In addition to the loss of goods, and potentially higher insurance premiums, the recovery process can be complex and costly. 

For example, without data from trailer GPS trackers , it can be difficult to provide the authorities with the information they need to investigate stolen trailers and cargo.

Plus, as mentioned above, cargo theft is on the rise. Thieves now target goods moving in supply chains when they are aboard trucks, rather than stored in facilities. In other words, cargo in trailers is considered vulnerable.

Trailer trackers help to reduce that vulnerability and protect you from theft by giving you near real-time live tracking  of all your trailers. When implemented as part of a GPS vehicle tracking solution, you gain complete oversight of your assets. 

Features and benefits of trailer tracking

Trailer tracking devices attach directly to trailers and work in conjunction with a comprehensive fleet management platform. The asset tracker itself is a battery-powered device, using rechargeable or replaceable lithium batteries, includes accelerometer and vibration sensors and is tamper-proof and weather-proof in order to withstand extreme conditions. 

It emits a cell phone signal, usually over 4G LTE networks , which is then received by the asset tracking software and can be setup to extend battery life. On the fleet management platform, you can then monitor the trailer’s location and status of all your other unpowered assets—or powered assets such as vehicles—all on one platform.

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Here are some of the key capabilities of GPS-based trailer tracking systems and how they can help your business: 

Easy GPS location of your trailers

A GPS fleet management solution, including GPS tracking devices for trailer fleet, enables you to see the location of your trailers across the entire fleet in near real-time. This helps reduce the risk of theft and the associated financial losses. Tracking trailer location also assists you in recovering any stolen assets, since you can use that data to inform law enforcement authorities swiftly and accurately.

An overview of all your assets

See the bigger picture. The software has both a desktop version and smartphone app, so you always have insight into the status of all your trailers, heavy equipment  and fleet at your fingertips. You can also monitor the temperature of the cargo in your trailers, helping you confirm that the cargo is transported in optimal condition.

Enable security alerts

With a GPS fleet management system, you not only benefit from reliable trailer tracking. You also benefit from near real-time security and movement alerts, which help prevent unauthorised use, for example when a trailer’s doors are opened. In the event of any suspicious activity, you can act faster to inform the authorities and help protect your valuable cargo.

Geofence alerts 

In addition to determining the near real-time location of your trailers, you can use geofence alerts to also receive information about the arrival and departure times of your cargo. 

Geofence alerts can even be automated to notify your team when a shipment is approaching a customer’s loading dock, for example. This way, you know when the cargo is delivered and an order has been completed without having to call your team.

Geofencing functionality is flexible, which helps you prevent trailers from falling into the wrong hands. You first set up a virtual perimeter of your choice. If any asset or piece of equipment  leave that area, such as outside of specified working hours, you receive an alert.

Helps enhance asset utilisation

Trailer tracking systems help you to improve asset utilisation as well as protect them from theft. The telematics technology helps you to understand precisely how your assets are being used because you have full visibility over trailer locations, door openings, temperature changes, what the load capacity is, and plenty more. 

You can, therefore, get a better sense of the day-to-day productivity and efficiency of your asset utilisation, without having to check trailers manually. This information then helps you to automate tasks and improve efficiency.

Source: (1)https://www.ttclub.com/media/files/tt-club/bsi-tt-club-cargo-theft-report/2022-tt-club-tapa-emea-and-bsi-annual-cargo-theft-report-1.pdf

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