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Get actionable insights with fleet management analytics

Verizon Connect GPS tracking solutions can help you cut costs, improve safety and increase efficiency by seeing long-term trends across your entire fleet. Near real-time alerts help you react quickly to critical fleet issues.

Make informed decisions with easy-to-use dashboards

Our customisable fleet management dashboards show you a bird’s-eye view of fleet performance. Quickly see KPI trends and make decisions based on facts, not guesswork, to help increase efficiency, reduce downtime and costs.

Fleet management dashboard examples include payroll costs, fuel consumption and fuel card use, excessive idling, safety metrics and asset utilisation—all designed to help fleet managers make decisions to improve fleet operations.

Plan confidently with customisable reports

Reports from our fleet management system help you increase visibility, reduce unnecessary costs and improve safety. Monitor daily vehicle locations, unsafe driver behaviours and wasted fuel with organised, historical data. Save time by setting up automatic reports to help you monitor your fleet.

  • Daily and Detailed Reports: See where drivers are stopping to help improve productivity and payroll accuracy
  • Harsh Driving Incident Report: Uncover patterns of unwanted behaviour to coach your drivers and improve fleet safety
  • Fuel Efficiency Report: Help reduce fuel costs and usage by reducing excessive idling and wasted fuel

Make quick business decisions with alerts

Alerts via text, email and in our fleet management software help to bring key issues to the surface as they happen. These notifications give you the data you need to quickly address driver safety issues, keep your assets secure and reduce costs.

  • Set customisable alerts for speeding thresholds
  • Get vehicle and fleet maintenance reminders
  • Use idling alerts to help save on fuel consumption
  • Get notified when vehicles enter or leave designated areas

View fleet management analytics on the go

Verizon Connect mobile apps keep you informed when you’re away from the office. Access customisable, user-friendly dashboards and reports to track your most important data. With smartphone functionality receive near real-time alerts when your team is speeding, idling or making unnecessary stops, so you can coach better driving behaviours.

Case study

FG Wilson Engineering Ltd. experience overtime cost savings

We have experienced significant savings in overtime costs since implementing the Verizon Connect GPS tracking system. Our timesheets are now 100% accurate - we will not pay a penny of unnecessary overtime ever again.

Michael Mc Donagh
Service Manager