How haulage companies benefit from fleet tracking

Help drive optimum efficiency - improve safety, security, fuel spend and customer service with advance fleet management.

Help drive optimum efficiency - improve safety, security, fuel spend and customer service with advance fleet management.

A lot of miles can equal a lot of cost

By the very nature of the business, haulage companies are incredibly sensitive to fluctuating fuel costs and unplanned vehicle maintenance. While fuel is an unavoidable expense, there are many ways it can be reduced. Through comprehensive reports that detail instances of idling, speeding and excessive acceleration, Haulage fleet managers can quickly address bad practices that lead to unnecessary fuel use and maximise on every tank.

Having a vehicle off the road translates directly to lost earnings. And with vehicles potentially travelling hundreds of miles a day, what starts as a small issue can very quickly become a big – and costly – one. Fleet management solutions can alert fleet managers when vehicles are due for routine maintenance, flagging any engine fault codes immediately, enabling the fleet manager to better plan around required maintenance.

Monitor safe driving like you’re there in the cab

With your drivers often out of sight, gaining peace of mind that they are driving responsibly and within the legal limits can be challenging. With GPS tracking, you can easily see whether poor driving habits are putting your drivers, your vehicles and other road users at risk. From speeding to excessive breaking, poor driver behaviour can result in serious consequences, and with many vehicles often displaying large branding, your company’s reputation too could suffer irreparable damage.

And for haulage companies in particular, the many rules around tachograph often apply. Improper recording of tachograph data could not only be breaking the law but the risk of accidents increases dramatically when drivers work for long periods without breaks. Connect your compatible tachograph to our solution and enjoy unprecedented visibility of each drivers live tachograph status. Help make faster decisions, produce more accurate plans and get advanced warning of infringements.

Know instantly when something goes wrong

According to UK police force data, 1 in 10 stolen vehicles1 is company owned. That’s sobering reading for any fleet owner, particularly as ensuring the safety and security of your most valuable assets is not easy when they spend so much time away from the depot. In the event of a theft, not only will a GPS tracking solution alert fleet managers that the vehicle has been started, but it can then be tracked to its precise location and quickly recovered.

1 “1 in 10 stolen vehicles are company-owned.” FleetNews. 21 Dec 2015. Web.

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Every asset. One login.

Our exclusive OEM partnerships, AEMP compatibility and flexible hardware options means you can have all your fleet assets tracked on a single screen.

Help improve asset ROI

Better visibility on how much, and where, your vehicles, trucks & equipment are being used. Redeploy, relocate or realise unused, or underused, assets.

Accurate maintenance

Automated tracking of engine hours and diagnostics improves the accuracy of your maintenance schedule, while preventing unnecessary servicing.

Capacity planning

Monitor payload capacity to make sure all your trucks are being fully utilised. Minimise unnecessary trips while staying within legal limits.

Reduce wear & tear

Use advanced diagnostic sensors to monitor usage, such as excessive engine load, that can shorten the life of your equipment.

Protect against false claims

Defend your team against false liability claims by verifying their location, safe driving or vehicle movement with accurate GPS data.

Improve asset utilisation

Know what assets you have, where they are and how effectively they're being used. Reassign assets or sell to release funds.

Maintenance scheduling

Track vehicle maintenance to easily generate alerts for your own service department or local dealer. Improve the accuracy of your PM program to reduce costs.

Safe driving features

Promote safe driving behaviour from basic HOS compliance and vehicle maintenance to near real-time coaching and speeding alerts.

Historical 'what happened here'

Improve the speed and efficiency of internal investigations for damage claims or accidents, easily replaying the sequence of events.

Prompt alerts

Choose the condition that triggers the alert (speeding, idling, harsh braking, engine on, geofence violation etc.) and who receives it.

Custom mobile forms

Build your own digital forms (DVIR, work orders etc.) that can be completed using a mobile device and replace hard-copy paper forms.

Meet demanding customer SLAs

Flexible planning tools to meet specific customer service level agreements (SLAs) including multiple shifts, service windows, driver or vehicle attributes.

Smartphone and tablet friendly

Compatible with most popular smartphones and tablets to minimise hardware costs and improve usability for mobile workers.

Optimised truck-legal routes

Commercial navigation and delivery route planner that complies with truck route restrictions based on size, weight and load type. Route feedback from over 140,000 users.

On-premise navigation

Comply with customer delivery requirements with navigation right to the loading dock. Improve compliance, driver efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Enterprise dashboard

The central hub that brings clarity to massive amounts of location data, configurable by industry and operational performance KPIs.

Idle management

Monitor and minimise unnecessary idling to reduce fuel spend. Idling gets 0MPG and can incur penalties in some states.