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Access important fleet data on the go

Designed for small to medium-size businesses, Verizon Connect Reveal apps give you the full functionality of your platform right on your smartphone. Get access to your important fleet information when you need it.

  • Locate vehicles on a live map, run reports and view driving replays
  • Equip drivers with information to help them be safe and efficient
  • Assess driver performance and monitor compliance with intuitive dashboards

Integrated Video

Use dashcams to help mitigate risk and coach your drivers.

  • Be notified when a hard braking event occur
  • Watch videos within minutes of an unsafe event on your smartphone (Android and Apple iPhone)
  • Help fleet managers take action sooner without having to watch hours of footage

Available to download from:

App Store Google Play Store

Reveal Driver

(Formerly Field)

Give your mobile workforce a digital solution for tracking their jobs.

  • Let your drivers assign themselves to vehicles with location-assisted choices
  • Give your crew the ability to accept new work
  • Allow your team to check their individual performances against benchmarks

Available to download from:

App Store Google Play Store


Easily manage fleet vehicles, assets and mobile workforce activity while on the go.

  • View asset and vehicles locations on a live map
  • See vehicle activity, routing history, geofences and driver locations
  • Help reduce fuel consumption with alerts on driver behaviors, like speeding and idling

Available to download from:

App Store Google Play Store

Work Mobile

(must be a Work customer)

Give your technicians the ability to receive and document job information when they’re in the field.

  • Share notes, photos and signatures with the back office
  • Receive full job details and instant updates from virtually anywhere
  • Send invoices and track payments while in the field

Available to download from:

App Store Google Play Store

Not a Reveal customer?

Our fleet management apps for business and government are available for download from the App Store and the Google Play Store.