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Comprehensive apps ideal for large organisations

Enterprise businesses and government agencies can use Verizon Connect Fleet apps to help boost fleet efficiency and productivity. Easily see important truck, asset, driver and job information when you are at the office, at home or in the field.

  • Connect and monitor your vehicles and crew to help improve utilisation
  • Provide clear communication to help enhance the customer experience
  • Receive more visibility into your drivers, vehicles and jobs when you’re on the go


Use friendly competition among your drivers to help improve safety and productivity.

  • Build awareness of safety issues, and encourage better driving behaviours
  • Help decrease unnecessary expenses for overtime pay and accidents
  • Learn which drivers need additional coaching to help reduce inefficiencies

Available to download from:

App Store

Fleet Hardware Installer

Easily self-install your fleet management software, and make necessary adjustments to the configuration.

  • Upgrade a vehicle device
  • View linked and unlinked vehicles
  • Run ad-hoc quality assurance of the installation and configuration to resolve issues

Available to download from:

Google Play Store


Easily manage fleet vehicles, assets and mobile workforce activity while on the go.

  • View asset and vehicles locations on a live map
  • See vehicle activity, routing history, geofences and driver locations
  • Help reduce fuel consumption with alerts on driver behaviors, like speeding and idling

Available to download from:

App Store Google Play Store


Designed to be a companion mobile solution for Workforce customers, with this app your field workers can quickly view upcoming service calls, recent messages and forms.

  • Give your mobile workforce status updates on jobs
  • Help simplify compliance with vehicle inspection requirements
  • Send instructions to drivers on the go

Available to download from:

App Store Google Play Store


Let your technicians view detailed work orders when they’re in the field.

  • See job updates from your field techs in near real time
  • Simplify compliance with the ELD mandate
  • Allow techs to quickly communicate with the back office

Available to download from:

App Store Google Play Store

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