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Australian Fleet Industry Trends 2020

ACA Research’s 2020 Fleet Technology Trend Reports delves into the key issues and concerns that affect most Australian fleets.

This report will shine a light on the statistics that prove what common fleet concerns are bigger issues than expected. It also shares simple ways to reduce the impact the issues have on your fleet.

Learning the trends being faced by fleet businesses across Australia can help you better understand how they could impact your business, so you can implement strategies to avoid these concerns.

What's inside this report?

Fuel & Labour Costs On The Rise

See how rising fuel prices and time-sheet issues are affecting Australian businesses.

Missing Out On Fuel Tax Credits

Learn more about Fuel Tax Credits and why so many businesses underclaim.

Concerns Over Driver Behaviour & Vehicle Maintenance

Discover the connection between driver behaviour and maintenance schedules, and how a simple solution can reduce the concerns for both.

How a Fleet Management Solution Can Help Solve These Issues

Understand how these common problems could be impacting your business and how a fleet management solution can help you reduce their impact.

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