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How AI dashcams boost driver safety and helps to avoid unnecessary costs

By Verizon Connect Team June 8, 2023

How AI dashcams boost driver safety and helps to avoid unnecessary costs

At a time characterised by widespread supply chain issues and workforce shortages,, fleet-dependent organisations must prioritise the protection of their drivers and the business against unnecessary costs and potential safety issues.

This is where integrated video telematics technology can help. According to the Verizon Connect 2023 Fleet Technology Trends Report, in Australia and New Zealand, 78% of those in all industries find video telematics to be very or extremely beneficial. These benefits include a reduction in accidents and in false claims, which in turn can lead to increased driver safety and reduced insurance costs.

Verizon Connect customers are increasingly seeing the benefits of dashcams for their businesses. One such customer is Bay 2 Bay Scaffolding, based in Victoria. Bay 2 Bay Scaffolding wished to understand more about unsafe driver behaviour. Dashcam video enabled them to see what happened before and after each unsafe driving event.  

They gained interesting insights from this footage. What they learned is that their drivers were rarely at fault in poor driving situations. Often, it was due to the drivers being cut off or being run into by other vehicles. 

Let’s explore these benefits in greater detail.

AI dashcams boost driver safety

Modern dashcams use AI technology to give fleet managers more visibility into what happens inside and outside the vehicle. It also enables fleet managers to analyse the data gleaned from the video footage and receive notifications that prioritise viewing of incidents categorised as unsafe. AI Dashcams alert drivers in real time to help reduce accidents and prioritise fleet safety.

Visual information provides a factual account of unsafe driving behaviours (tailgating, stop sign violations, near-misses, distracted driving, speeding, etc.) to give both managers and drivers a better sense of what needs improvement. This allows managers to:

  • Tailor training based on each driver’s needs
  • Reinforce safe-driving policies as part of accident-reduction efforts
  • Instantly reward drivers (as part of an incentive program) for demonstrating safe driving habits

AI dashcams help to avoid unnecessary costs

The top goals achieved through the use of video technology include:

  • Improved driver safety (72%)
  • Protection from false claims (68%)Reduction of accidents (57%)
  • Insurance costs (44%).

False claims and accidents can have a negative impact on an organisation’s bottom line. Dashcams can help fleets reduce the likelihood of crashes in the first place, reducing accident-related costs as a result. And, if a crash does happen, a recording of the incident can be used as evidence to reduce false claims and help keep insurance premiums from skyrocketing. Video footage helps to show the full, unbiased context of driving events, such as driver behaviour, weather conditions, vehicle positions and how an incident unfolded. 

What your peers are saying about Verizon Connect dashcams

Bay 2 Bay Scaffolding implemented the Verizon Connect system to help keep their team safe on the road and prove that they weren’t responsible for collisions. Bay 2 Bay Scaffolding also wanted the peace of mind of knowing that all their vehicles and equipment are where they should be.

With Verizon Connect Reveal and Integrated Video, the company has been able to get helpful video clips of harsh driving events, which can protect against false claims.

Integrated video helps prove when they weren’t at fault in a collision, making insurance claims much easier.

“The cost of the tracking is nothing compared to what it will save us in insurance claims and legal expenses” - Company CFO

Want to learn more about how your fleet can benefit from video telematics? 

Download our free Infographic to see six benefits of smart video that can help protect your drivers and fleet. 

What to look for in video telematics

For fleets considering an investment in video telematics, be sure to look for the following features:

  • Dual footage view: Dual view of driver-facing and road-facing video via desktop or mobile app.
  • Streamlined video download: Ability to download and share footage as an MP4 file, along with valuable metadata such as the vehicle name, address, date and time, which can provide helpful context.
  • Near real-time notice: Notifications to view a video within minutes of when an incident occurs.

For more information on how video telematics can help your fleet, download our free eBook How smart video fuels smart business or schedule an online demo today.

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Verizon Connect Team

The telematics industry is moving at a fast pace. With new developments, use cases and feature sets emerging every day, it can be challenging to make the right decision for your fleet business. Verizon Connect Staff is conceptualized to be a partner for your business and help you make smart choices based on useful content.

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