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Fuel Monitoring Systems for Trucks

By Jackson Hand April 21, 2022

Why Implementing a Fuel Monitoring System is a Good Business Decision.

Saving fuel is one of the main challenges that any fleet manager faces every day. Inefficient fuel consumption can impact the competitiveness and productivity of a business and have a negative impact on the bottom line. This is why monitoring fuel is vital for any fleet.

A fleet management solution that includes fuel consumption monitoring can help your fleet monitor for unusual fuel usage and promote more efficient driving.

Whether fuel costs represents 5% of a company’s total expenditure, or more than 30%, a small saving in fuel consumption can have a big impact on a company's results.

GPS tracking: monitor fuel consumption AND fuel efficiency with ease.

GPS tracking systems can help make it easier to save fuel by monitoring the fuel consumption of all vehicles in your fleet and identifying behaviours that are less efficient or driving styles that consume more fuel and unnecessarily put your drivers, vehicles and equipment at risk.

When installed across your whole vehicle fleet, GPS tracking devices that are part of afleet tracking solution can give you real fuel consumption data for your business vehicles with high precision, and when synchronised with fueling charges can alert you to potential fuel theft.

Additionally, fleet tracking software can help promote more efficient driving practices across your fleet by encouraging activities that deliver fuel savings, cut operating costs, reduce environmental pollution, improve driving comfort and cut down risks on the road.

Let's take a closer look at how telematics can help us drive more efficiently and safely:

Monitoring and reducing fuel consumption

GPS trackers monitor fuel consumption at a vehicle level and identifies which of your trucks are operating less efficiently. Understanding how your fleet consumes fuel in near real time allows you to analyse where there are inefficiencies and take quick action.

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Through the help of telematics technology, you can learn what to focus on to help improve productivity and efficiency and reduce fuel waste.

Improving your team’s driving style

Excessive speed, sudden braking, and harsh acceleration, among other bad practices unnecessarily increase the risk of accidents and increase fuel consumption across your fleet.

That’s why having visibility of your drivers is crucial to improving safety and productivity, while also reducing fuel waste.

Telematics can give you this visibility to identify unsafe practices. By monitoring the team’s on-road behaviour and highlighting poor driving habits, you can help correct dangerous behaviour and set targets for safety that will have a positive flow-on effect for efficiency and fuel use.

Reducing engine idle time

One of the main reasons for unnecessary fuel waste is leaving the engine running when the vehicle is stopped for long periods. A fleet management system helps to identify how long a vehicle has been idling, quantify the amount of fuel used, and notify the driver so they can reduce their fuel waste.

These are just some of the many advantages a fleet management solution that uses GPS location tracking can provide to help your fleet operate more efficiently and safely.

Vehicle tracking systems for better fleet management

GPS vehicle tracking systems help facilitate the day-to-day management of fleets but also help develop safer and more efficient driving among the team.

The future of connected fleets is built today. Technology creates a unique opportunity to help improve the daily operation of a fleet of any number of vehicles and machines. Telematics is no longer the future; it is the present of a more intelligent and efficient fleet that can easily be yours.

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